Including Game Audio as main category
3 years ago
Jönköping, Sweden

looking at MK runs, one of the reasons I absolutely will refuse to run certain games or categories is because of this game audio rule. Apparently its faster to speedrun games like MK3/UMK3 SNES by turning off game audio in the options. I do wonder if it was ever discussed among the community at the time, if there was a vote or what word is between runners today.

For me personally, its enough to be off-putting to me, this is something that imo should be its own category, put in misc or category extension but being forced to speedrun the game this way is just not appealing in my eyes (or ears). And I get that ya sure, "don't run the game then", but im also arguing that because of this one rule, it blocks runners like me from running the game, which could prevent community growth.

Taking MK3/UMK3 SNES as an example, this is the only way to run said port as of now, at least MK1 does have No Major Exploits. Technically if we're gonna talk about "fastest possible" then ya take PS2 Deadly Alliance for instance. Fastest possible would be plug out controller exploit, so you can beat the opponent during loading screen. Nobody wants to play like that though, if someone does, sure make a category for it. But dont make it the main one and force it down peoples throats just because its technically the fastest.

This has to be a community decision of course, but I want a discussion to be had as seemingly, there never was one?

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United Kingdom

Nonconstructive input: Can we call it Mute%?

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