I reject every runs who don't have any proof.
4 years ago
Franche-Comté, France

Title say everything. Just, take screenshot, or just a photo ( even bad quality ) or a video. but if i see your run and you don't have any proof, the run is rejected. ( maybe other moderators don't do that, but i think it's logic. )

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Minnesota, USA

May I ask something? Why is the all levels for super mario bros 2 minutes when all the records for the first half aren't even close to that? And I find it suspicious theres no proof either.

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United States

Actually your right. This would make marek7_ek's run impossible to beat. I'll contact the moderators. Thanks for bringing that to my attention.

United States

I've just contacted a moderator.

Minnesota, USA

Ok, thank you very much. I'm planning on doing a lot of runs on here was worried it would be impossible. Have a good day!

United States

Thanks, you too!

Minnesota, USA

Just wondering, if i do an all levels of a game, can I use my run for proof for the single level leaderboard?

Minnesota, USA

And also the same guy has a time in mario bros, and it's not possible to get that with all the loading and stufff.

Québec City, QC

very good idea

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Longmont, CO, USA

I understand that but there are quite a few runs with no photo or video proof on this game. Why are those still up on the leaderboards after 3 years of this post being made?

no idea g-luigi

Basque Country

the rules are normaly applied for runs posterior to the rule making, and don't affect any run that was done before the rule, because it would get rejected runs of people that never knew this would be a rule in the future

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Longmont, CO, USA

Fair enough. Thanks for the reply.

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Rule Update: Video Proof.

The moderation team has decided that video proof will be required for all runs. This is because the Nintendo 3DS is extremely easy to hack, which means you can modify the time to show a world record time on any level.

An example of this would be here:

1 month ago