New Rules?
6 years ago

I got a comment from Difgy accusing for cheat load to skip a part of end cutscene. What is does is comeback to an autosave at the start of the room , wich happen to still trigger 2nd part of the end cutscene. Loading an autosave is what happens when you die.

For now the rules are "Beat the game fast". So the question is: DO YOU WANT TO BAN LOADS ?

The Whole spirit of speedrunning is to find bugs and exploit them to beat the game as fast as possible. I personally thinks this save makes the run bether and more interesting than being afk in cutscene. Aso You don't save to abuse positionning, you come back to the beginning of the room, where you would have spawned if you had died. If you get soft block aswell (yes it happend to me in this game) you need to be able to load back to the autosave at the start of the room.

It gets toxic for the run when you abuse saves to be in a position you were unable to reach otherwise and spammed (crouch/save for exemple). For now none is doing it or using saves in anyway. We could ban only saves if it gets used in a way that makes the run feel bad, and keep only loads allowed to brig you to the start of the room.

Given that we are basically 3 active members if you both disagree with me and think it is bad for the run to have loads allowed, we can update the rules and make two categories. Otherwise we just keep it as it is :) .

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