* General - Framerate
* General - Framerate
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How TUNIC is Affected by Framerate

TUNIC is affected in various ways by the framerate. When we refer to framerate, we are specifically referring to the physics tick rate within the game, which is tied directly to the display (monitor) frequency.

TUNIC tricks are influenced by framerate, so we mandate 60 or 120 for consistency and fairness. Setups for various glitches and tricks are different depending if you are running 60 or 120Hz.


The following are just a few examples of how framerate can affect your game, but other lesser known cases may exist. The point is to be aware of what kind of things can be affected.

  • The ladder from Overworld to Ruined Atoll is inaccessible at higher framerates, due to a piece of ground collision blocking your entry. On 60 Hz this can be walked through. On 120 Hz or higher, you may need to roll through this. On 240 Hz, this is completely impassable.

  • The bottom of the ladder from Dark Tomb to Beneath The Well cannot be dismounted, due to a piece of ground collision blocking your exit.

  • When deploying a lure to perform the quick-kill on The Librarian, the lure may fall off more easily at higher framerates. 60 Hz should be very consistent, while 120 Hz is more error-prone.

  • Enemy AI may behave differently depending on framerate. For example, the frogs throughout Frog's Domain may respond more quickly/slowly and fire their grapple-tongues at different times depending on what your framerate is.

How to Set Framerate

If given the options, always use V-Sync. Otherwise the internal FPS will vary wildly from screen to screen.

Normally, your framerate is determined by the regular frequency of your display. If you are playing in "Windowed" or "Borderless" mode, this will be the case for you. However, if you are playing in exclusive "Fullscreen" mode, you can choose a different display refresh rate for the game to switch your monitor to.

If 120Hz is not available on the TUNIC selection screen or in Windows but you know your monitor is capable of that, you can use an app like Custom Resolution Utility or Nvidia Control Panel to create a custom resolution setting for your monitor that is set at 120hz.

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Rules Updates and New Misc. Category

Afternoon tiny foxes! We have a couple rule changes for all categories:

  • As of today, runs must be submitted as 60 or 120 FPS. Runs at non-standard FPS below 120 should round up to 60 or 120. New runs over 120 are not allowed and will be rejected.
  • As of today, refresh rate may not be changed
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