* General - Debug Mod (by Ori)
* General - Debug Mod (by Ori)
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Install BepInEx

First, you need to install BepInEx. Open the following URL and expand Artifact #572 (newer versions do not work so it is recommended to download this version instead) and download the IL2CPP x64 build.


You can also download the correct version directly from this link: https://builds.bepinex.dev/projects/bepinex_be/572/BepInEx_UnityIL2CPP_x64_9c2b17f_6.0.0-be.572.zip

Once you have downloaded this build, extract the contents directly into your Tunic game directory. For example, this directory might be as follows:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\TUNIC

If you have done this correctly, your TUNIC game directory should contain BepInEx, mono, doorstop_config.ini, and winhttp.dll, in addition to the existing files such as Tunic.exe.

Finally, launch Tunic once, and then quit the game. This will initialize some additional files in the game directory. To verify this, check that the BepInEx directory now contains both unhollowed and unity-libs in it.

Install a Mod

To install a mod, place the dll file (e.g. TunicDebug.dll, TunicTeleport.dll, etc) inside BepInEx\plugins. The DLL can be found on the Resources page in speedrun.com.

Remove a Mod

To remove a mod, remove the dll file from BepInEx\plugins.

Remove Everything

To remove all related content from your game, rename or delete winhttp.dll and, optionally, delete the BepInEx directory.


  • F1 - Info pane (toggle)
  • F2 - Enemy HP (toggle)
  • F3 - Chest info (toggle)
  • F4 - Save states
  • F5 - Give some items
  • F6 - Recover mana
  • F8 - Set checkpoint in current scene
  • F9 - Move to saved checkpoint in current scene
  • Ctrl + Left Mouse - Teleport to mouse position
  • Alpha9 - Reset 3 main bosses (not Heir). You must trigger a save point or quit+reload.
  • Alpha+ / Alpha- - Zoom camera in/out
  • Alpha0 - Reset camera zoom to default
  • Page Up / Page Down - Rotate camera
  • Home - Reset camera rotation to default
  • F11 - Free camera view

Free camera view: Use WASD to move around and mouse to control the camera.


These instructions were largely written by KeinZantezuken (see https://www.nexusmods.com/tunic/mods/1) and this guide just generalizes them slightly.

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