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6 years ago

A voidout which puts you on top of the boat in Medal of Homer, skips two bomb timers and bart shooting some lifeboats. (EDIT: this is obsolete and found by accident, actual strat for this is later in the thread)

I watched the IL for The Day of the Dolphin and hated the fact you reload the checkpoint to skip the fence, don't do that. Lisa can do this too, its just a bit harder since you don't have the cape as backup. Don't leave your coop partner behind :(

Same thing goes for the mob wave fight (this time showing it with Lisa to show its possible), just do this and stop reloading saves.

A wall climb which skips the first Buddha statue in The Tree Hugger.

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Also this, you just pile up two small cogs in that corner and jump up, skips a cutscene and a couple more cog placements.

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Ice area skip, don't do the terrible wall climb lol

easier version of that gate skip

Here's an actual new one

Ball up this way, Bart auto routes to you up top. No enemies go up there until you hit the meatball thing anyway so he's quick.

EDIT: Don't do this one, homer gets confused and you can't use him to climb the wall. He just runs off whenever he's the AI partner.

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After a while of being stuck unable to get out of Scotland without Bart, I had other things on my mind.

I can't figure out a way to get the third hit on the boss now. If anyone else has interest, test this one out asap.

forgot to post this, lazy to just not edit these into specific skips but I did every level showing whatever skips I'm aware of

here's the big one

PSP can skip all of 80 bites.

Here's one Kayumon found:

New Bargain Bin route which just goes right to the end as Homer. I've not been able to do this consistently at all so forgive the awful jump cuts to attempts which finally worked, should be enough to get the point across.

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