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11 months ago
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I was looking at this leaderboard because I was considering running this game, and I noticed that the runs are timed in 60 FPS, when the NES runs at 60.0988 FPS. So I was wondering if any of the moderators for this game could change the run times to the correct time please? One of them is the current WR, which is 1:26.957, not 1:26.967. The best way to retime it is to copy and paste the YouTube links to every run into on the frame count tab.



I am not the moderator of this board but I do moderate a handful of other NES game boards.

It is standard across all retro console leaderboards (e.g. NES, SNES, Sega Genesis, Game Boy, PlayStation, Nintendo 64) to use the recorded video framerate to calculate run times and not the native console framerate.

Using the native console framerate has two primary issues:

  1. Emulators do not run at an identical framerate and most retro leaderboards allow emulators. There needs to be a consistent way to time both original hardware and emulator.

  2. There is no guarantee the recorded video will be recorded at 60FPS. Some capture cards only support recording at 30FPS which would affect the resulting time if the equation NUMBER_OF_FRAMES / CONSOLE_FRAMERATE is used.

Ultimately what you are looking at is not the frames rendered by the console. It is those frames captured on a computer then rendered a second time into a video file so it is those video file frames that are used to determine the run's length. As well the difference cited is literally less than the length of a single frame—and doesn't change anything other than the number associated with the run—so in my opinion it shouldn't be a barrier to speedrunning this game.

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