***Announcement Regarding Moderation and New Categories***
5 years ago
Missouri, USA

Hello all,

I just wanted to make a couple of quick announcements.

First, as I and several others had expressed interest on this forum dating back up to a year ago for various moderation activities such as run verification, new categories, etc, to not much avail, I requested help from the site admins who decided to give me moderator status for the game.

Over the next few days, I will be working on creating a few new categories for Trog! based directly on requests from these forums. The 4 categories I am immediately planning to create are the following:

  • Warpless (may choose expert)
  • 100% (must choose easy, no warps)
  • Co-op Any% (any difficulty)
  • Co-op 100% (must choose easy, no warps)

I have thought about making 3 co-op categories for any% just like the single-player categories, but in the interest of hopefully seeing some interest and competition, I am concerned about adding TOO MANY categories for a game that has a very small following as it is. However, I'm open to any feedback on this.

Thanks to everybody and keep an eye out in the coming days for those new categories to submit your runs!

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Missouri, USA


The new categories are up and ready for submissions!!!

Ontario, Canada

Amazing! I'll have to toss the game in an give it some more love. :)

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