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A quick question to the Transistor Speedrunning community: should the invisible button, which allows a player to gain an extra skill at specific levelups, be allowed in Low% since it doesn't award xp or levels or should it be banned? This button off screen in Port 37 allows the player to gain a skill they chose not to take if their last levelup was a choice of multiple skills. It doesn't technically award a level or any xp but it raises a interesting question for Low% regardless. Here is a video of the glitch in action below:


While it's not specifically against the rules as written, obviously you're supposed to get as few resources as possible in low%. Getting another skill is another resource, thus you're not getting low%.

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I suppose it'd depend on what constitutes low% for this game. If it's "low skills", then no, it shouldn't be allowed. If it's "low level," then I see no reason why not.

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