Is 30fps allowed?
1 year ago
Victoria, Australia

Hey guys!

In the rules that the game must be ran at 60fps not HIGHER. But is lower allowed? I don't actually know if there's any benefit to lower fps, but I'd like to do some routing with it if it's allowed!

Let me know :)

Cheers, Kass

United States

I think the game runs slower at 30 but the only requirement is nothing over 60 since we know that gives a definite advantage. If you want to run lower for stability feel free!

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@fhnnhf wait what, i submitted a run more than a year ago and my run was a bit more laggy then usual and it was the world record. it wasn't approved. how is that even fair at this point

United States

Your run EXCEEDED 60 fps which makes the game run FASTER. In order to promote fairness and make it sure people with stronger rigs don't get free world records, fps has to be capped at 60.

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