New Fight skip for Low%, possible Any% route change?
4 years ago
United States

So I found a new set of skips available in Bay 1. The gist of it is to finish the 3rd fight outside of the area you get locked into before the Transistor forces you to focus on Platt. Spamming Turn as the fight ends allows you to walk through walls in Turn. Using some clever out of bounds you can collect Jaunt and then leave Bay 1 skipping the first Lady fight and the two Jerk fights. Video explanation link:

Rhône-Alpes, France

Nice find. It's funny because it's probably gonna make the run a teensy bit longer if you don't do the pull of the creep correctly but it will obsolete older runs because you skip 3 fights

United States

You would think that but it makes Low% super hard now. You don't get packet until just before the 5 snapshots and you don't get Help at all. I'm not sure if Any% will use it because of the exp loss but Low% has to run it now. Side note; Royce is hard with only 6 skills at level 3!

Rhône-Alpes, France

I'm sure Any% won't, the running out of bounds without jaunting is super slow. At least not on this spot.

Rhône-Alpes, France

I guess this only works because you're not getting locked into the platt area after the fight? If just spamming Turn() at the end of any fight works, that would change a lot of things lol.

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United States

It has to do with the fact that the game moves you into a smaller area after the fight ends to talk to platt. If you are outside that area it forces you to do a jaunt like movement and you can barely get into turn before that happens. I think the game has to pass the walk through walls tag to your turn to do that and it doesn't get taken away like you out of turn version. That is at least my guess.

Drenthe, Netherlands

Any form of forced movement removes Red's collision, then gives it back once the movement ends. Using Turn at the right moment, or using OVC glitch to give yourself control back, interrupts the 'give back collision' part of forced movement.

Real interesting find. I gotta see about finding a way to set an Obsolete tag on the old low% runs, cause I'm not sure I want to delete all the old route ones?

For the time being, I'm gonna arbitrarily add an hour to every outdated run. Nothing personal :P

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