It would seem that running the game on a modern PC makes Zurg way too fast to hit, if some random youtube comments are to be believed. Anything I could do to get around this?


Simply capping the FPS at 30 with RivaTuner seems to have done the trick


you dont need 30fps mode to fix this, learn how to "trap" zurg aka the speedrun strat. it fix's it

30fps is to slow to be viable for longterm


I played this game on my Win98 machine. The game has always ran at 60FPS and Zurg as always acted like that. It has nothing to do with modern hardware.
(Modern hardware is what's causing the glitched textures/graphics in some places)


Someone once somewhere said that the issue was buzz slowing down rather than Zurg speeding up. I think RibSharks dll-injection fix (https://www.speedrun.com/toys2/thread/fkyu5) fixed that too, but can't say for sure since I've anyways been doing it by trapping Zurg in a corner since a long time.