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Toy Story 2 Fix is a program that fixes and enhances Toy Story 2 for the PC. Features include:
• Fixes the "Unable to Enumerate Device" error.
• Enables the selection of 32-bit resolutions.
• Fixes the framerate issues that can occur on modern PCs.
• Allows the player to immediately skip the ESRB and Copyright screens.
• Allows the game to be played in widescreen with no 3D stretching.
• Increases the render distance of levels.
• Works on all versions of the game.

Each of these features can be disabled by editing the "scripts\ToyStory2Fix.ini" file.

You can download the patch here - source code. Simply extract the zip file into your Toy Story 2 folder and the patch should take effect when running the game.

This game was a big part of my childhood, so when I tried to run it on my PC and ran into issues, I was disappointed. The existing patches to fix the "Unable to Enumerate Device" worked but did not fix the slowdown.

So, I decided to create my own patch. Unlike existing patches, this works dynamically using DLL injection, so does not require replacing the executable. This also means it may work on non-US versions (I am planning on buying the UK version to test it but I don't have the money right now).

I implemented the existing patch, and also added another to fix the slowdown issues on modern PCs. I also plan to add widescreen support (although I doubt that would be allowed for speedruns), the ability to skip the opening copyright/ESRB screen, as well as fixes to other bugs should they exist.

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I've updated the patch. I've added features like widescreen support, increasing the render distance, and added the ability to immediately skip the ESRB/copyright screen. If parts of the patch are not acceptable for use in runs you can disable specific parts in the "scripts\ToyStory2Fix.ini" file.

The framerate fix has also been updated to hopefully be even more effective.

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So, the framerate fix I have been using is more of a "workaround" and doesn't work properly in all cases. So, I decided to completely rewrite the game's timing code from scratch. So far it seems a lot better but before releasing it I want to test it throughout the whole game, just to make sure I've got everything correct.

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Done, I've completely rewritten the function that times when to display the next frame using a much more accurate method (while trying to limit CPU usage as much as possible). I played through the whole game and it never once dropped from 60fps. If anyone is using this patch, I strongly recommend they update to this, as the previous framerate fix was very flawed and would often not work properly.

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great work ribshark.

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can we expect a 40 token pc run from you ribshark?


Possibly, yeah. I do want to start running this for sure.

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ill be there if you do!

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Hi, I'm new here. So, is this considered valid to use with runs? With widescreen and increased render distance turned off that is.
Btw, I can confirm this works with my FI-release of the game 😃



Thank you Sir for this solution! It worked like a charm for me on Win 10 (I got the US version of the game).