30 FPS Differences for PC and Example Run
30 FPS Differences for PC and Example Run
Updated 3 years ago by Andet

Playing the game at 30 FPS results in some differences in gameplay:

+The disk launcher works properly +Shadow boxes are easier to hit, which makes single visit AnG and ATB viable +Wind is slower (useful for EH and AI) +Microwave clip in AP is viable (though probably not very useful) +Zurg is easier casually +Buzz walks slightly faster

–Movement can be less precise since gameplay isn't as smooth –The suitcase clip in AI doesn't work –Zurg is slightly harder to corner

Menu speed is not affected.

Overall, for 50 tokens, switching to 30 FPS might be about 1 minute faster, since single visits by themselves save about a minute. For 40 tokens, since the ATB single visit doesn't save very much time and the suitcase clip is impossible, it might be best to stick with 60 FPS.

Here is a segmented example run of the 50 token route at 30 FPS with more details in the description:

The game can be played at 30 FPS either in the NVIDIA 3D settings or with Bandicam (the free version is sufficient). Another thing to note is that the game can be played at as low as 20 FPS without significant slowdowns. Buzz walks the fastest at 40 FPS, but it is more difficult to hit shadow boxes at this framerate. 30 FPS seems like the best compromise.

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