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I've added the command line options for toy2.exe to the wiki: The -mpeg option could be useful for speedrunning.

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Not sure console commands are something that would be allowed, but each community is different.

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By default, the minimal install of the game actually disables cut scenes (however it also can disable music).

I made a custom PC installer a bit ago that basically does a minimal install, but fixes the music (among other things like installing dgVoodoo by default, adding some save files for testing, etc). So basically my installer already 'skips' cutscenes. If someone wants to do a full install and use this command line argument instead, I wouldn't be opposed since we already basically do that with the built in minimal install option anyways.

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Just checking back in for a quick update:

I just timed the cutscene skip times for:

Minimal Install (which skips cutscenes by default) Minimal install with the -mpeg launch parameter Full Install with the -mpeg launch parameter My Modified Installer (which skips cutscenes by default) My Modified Installer with the -mpeg launch parameter

On my computer, all of these resulted in the exact same times, therefor using the -mpeg launch parameter is allowed.

As a side note: It appears that having a cutscene unlocked for a specific level will cause that level to do the "cutscene skip" part (the time between pressing "A" on level select and the level loading screen appearing) about 1 second faster. Basically meaning if you've played the level before, regardless of the different options mentioned above, the level will load in about 1 second faster as the game seems to check if the cutscene has already been unlocked or not, regardless of launch parameters or whether or not playing cutscenes by default is active.

This basically just means don't use a hacked file that already has the cutscenes unlocked to do runs, you must use a new, clean save file (meaning that 0 Tokens, 0 Levels, 0 Unlockables, and 0 Cutscenes are unlocked).

Note: You can achieve the same effect of a new save file using my hotkey reset feature in my PC Trainer for quicker resets while doing runs, without having to do all the menuing of manually loading a fresh save file every reset.

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Yo, I used your installer to run the game and it works like a dream!

Just one question, though: how do I re-enable the cut-scenes?

(This is just if I want to play the game normally)

Never mind, figured it out. Just had to copy over the 'rtlibs' folder from the CD and place it in the appropriate 'cd' subfolder on the hard drive. All good now!

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