Chomp%, Cronch%, and Yiga%
11 months ago
New Jersey, USA

These 3 categories stemmed from a conversation in the discord server -

Chomp% - Get down to a quarter of heart and eat enough food to get back up to full hearts (me)

Cronch% - Eat a raw mighty banana (kurocat471)

Yiga% - Get the full yiga outfit, eat mighty bananas to get to full health from 1 quarter in front of kohga, then finish his side adventure eating at least 1 banana before each fight (ChomperRex20)

Ideas were created in this order

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A big thing that needs to be considered when coming up with extension categories is how arbitrary the goal is. For example, the first two suggestions are quite arbitrary and many other goals would have very similar routes. However, I do like the idea of All Kohga Encounters which is loosely related to the third suggestion but removes the randomness of needing to 'eat at least 1 banana before each fight' and being forced to get down to a quarter heart


Agreed with Cephla, that's very arbitrary, even for extension boards, and especially this early in.

United States

cronch% isn't healing to full with raw mighty bananas, it's just eating a single raw mighty banana as fast as possible (which i personally would run regardless of how arbitrary it is)

Edited by the author 11 months ago
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