New Strategies (Exploiting Catch up, Ramming best Opponents)
2 years ago

2 new strategies which can be used to save time. 1st one is to stop and drive backwards at the start of each GT and GTS race. This makes the AI opponents in the same class slow down massively because of the rubberband effect and enables to win every race while getting lapped by the faster prototype cars.

2nd strategy is to ram the BMW/McLaren off the road at the final lap of most GT/GTS race respectively in order to be able to skip 2 races in GT/ 3 races in GTS every time.

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Ramming might be slower than leaving it to chance but I don't want to leave it to chance since the whole game is 1.5 hrs :D

I found something weird might need testing. If you drive backwards (Wrong way rather than R gear.), I think You become close to PROs at some point and you can get lapped earlier. But I did some testing it is not conclusive. it seems like 20-25 seconds driving back and then driving normally is equivalent to reversing to a point and waiting.

Needs some experimentation, I might do it on my easter break.

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Ah f me. I found a way to save ~5 second per race. Rather than tricking the AI by not driving. If you drive %30-%50 Throttle for the first lap (Or maybe higher throttle but driving slower for a longer time.). The leader catches up on the last turn.

Might not work on GTS ill test it.


Good to know. It might be a bit risky though, making the prototypes catch up on the last turn, because sometimes they are terrible at getting through traffic.

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