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2 years ago
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I am unsatisfied with how the Career category looks. Currently, there is the three classes in a variable and NG/NG+ in another variable. I feel like this could be simplified though.

My idea is to have one variable with an "Any%" (basically PRO Class NG), then have single seasons for each class which would be NG+. I would like to consider other ideas from the community before I make a decision.

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Does this mean you can do a speedrun for a single season using an existing save file? If yes, I‘m all for it.

Other than that I don‘t have any more ideas for career mode. I think one category for all classes and one for each single class is enough.

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Yeah, you would do single seasons with an existing file.

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Since it has been roughly a week since the first post, I decided to apply the changes.

NG and NG+ have been removed, PRO season NG has been renamed to Any%, and GT season, GTS season, and the newly added PRO season are NG+.

After this, I retimed the GTS season runs so that they fit with the new rules. PRO season is blank since it is new, so feel free to submit runs from your Any% videos if you'd like.

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