7 years ago
Sergipe, Brazil

I plan to make a run of this game and I have some questions.

When the run start exactly? In "Start" from first screen or in the "Race" of second screen?

What time should I put in submit? Real Time or In Game Time? And already, I suggest the addition of these 2 information for future runs here.

And to finish, I usually play with the European version of this game, so I suggest putting as a second option in "Region".

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Illinois, USA

I'm guessing that with your new time of 10:20, the run starts upon hitting the start button after the first upgrade screen, and ends after crossing the finish line of San Francisco?

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Does the level of difficulty matter ?

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You can choose any difficulty. Easy makes it easier to get 1st place in all races, but in Hard you'll get less CPU cars in your way if you're fast enough to be lapping them, Normal is a balance between Easy and Hard.

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What is "True 100%" and "Around the World"?

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Vermont, USA


They were Misc categories, but, it wasn't the mainstream focus for runners, so I got rid of them. The main focus is 100% or USA%. If you would like to find out more and talk with us about Top Gear 2, Please join the discord if you haven't already! :)


My Twitter for questions:

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Illinois, USA

For reference, 100% is just all 64 tracks in one go. It's a three-hour run - hope you're prepped if you're interested in doing it :D

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