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Eu possuo uma versão deste jogo que está em GBA, alguém pode adicioná-la como uma opção de console? Obrigada

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Hello, new moderator Akuretaki here. Your request is very interesting for the GBA version. Although, after informing myself on how it looks like, how different is the entire game is and what levels are in that game, we cannot have this "same game" (Rogue Spear) get into the existing leaderboards on the PC-PS1-Dreamcast versions, because it has substantial differences between versions, as they were even not done the same year and moreover, the GBA version is completely different, that came out 2 years after as an expansion of the Rogue Spear original game. Here is how...

PC-PS1-Dreamcast versions are First person shooter, they have 18 levels, there are more menus options, text, gamemodes (such as practice runs) and the weaponry is large

The GBA version came 2 years later as a Sky View shooter, they have 15 levels, there are fewer menus options, less text and no gamemodes (according to the sources I've saw, listed below), the weaponry seems smaller

You can see examples of this case on the Harry Potter Series, where each platform is an own game, because of how different they are: Either the Hertz is different, the FPS is different, the game speed is different, the layouts are different, the levels are different, the glitches are patched in the more recent versions... :

Your solution, after me denying you the request, is to Request a new game " TOM CLANCY'S RAINBOW SIX: ROGUE SPEAR: GBA (2002) " separated from the PC, Dreamcast and PS1 versions to be listed as entirely different games in the Rainbow Six series. You could join the discord and be unique moderator for that version.

Here are my sources.

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I understand and will do that. Thank you!

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