Detailed Security Route Guide

This is only for the more traditional way of running although many issues that are specific to missions or regions are still applicable in other routes. (external link)

By shoeyshoey

GRW Fastboot

This tool remove all gamelaunch intros + "press any key" option. | 1.Exit GWR 2.Open tool 3.Select Path 4.Click Fastboot 5.Exit tool 6.Start GWR with tool, Have Fun ;) (direct download)

By Tw0F1shTw0F1sh

TCGR Speedrun Rating System

Here you can take a quick look at what each element of the running this game is rated as. (external link)

By BnH247BnH247




Any% Splits - 01APR2017 (external link)

By BnH247BnH247

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands Splittpack (10.03.2017)

Inside you find some .lss files for your livesplitt. Each area is included with mission names. An .lsl file is also included for a vertical layout. (I will update the list until all areas are included) (direct download)

By Tw0F1shTw0F1sh