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Hey, I feel like people have talked about this before. I don't really know how to define glitchless in this game. There are lots of things that could be considered glitches, but are unclear (mouser pause trick and other things that rot mentioned), so it is hard to define. I believe did a glitchless run a long time ago, so you might want to check with him on that one and see what was included/excluded to determine the best rules.

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I don't know that I agree with cutting out the technodrome spawn or the holding the ledge at Mechaturtle (assuming it's standing on the box on the right side). Scroll trick and ledge clips and ceiling clips I agree with for sure. What are your thoughts on rope skip and other damage boosting? If we can get this category agreed upon, I think it would be a very fun run!

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spicybackpain, the penis leg things were your idea?? That's awesome! Please tell me you didn't program the way the boomerang guys work... I will hunt you down good sir haha.


The rope skip involves jumping over one or two of the rope sections at the beginning of the airport stage. You time it so that you jump and then damage boost off of a beetle and skip throwing the rope altogether. The scroll trick involves using your normal attack to do the damage of a scroll.

Here is a link to most known glitches and other information:


Is this going to become a thing? I'm potentially interested in doing Any% Glitchless runs as well.


HI everyone, as Whitman Price say, there is a lot of stuff in this game.

But I will tell my points for a glitchless in my opinion:

1.- No technodrome button start, you should put Start when the Turtles are using it's weapons, or after the first cinematic, when we saw Shredder with April.
2.- No killing the cars with select as I do
3.- No ceilling glitches
4.- No pause on Big Mousser
5.- No killing Shredder in that left corner where it can't hit you.

Dontaello Bo Scroll special is allowed if somebody will know how to do that difficult move. Because for me that's not a glitch, is the special of Donatello. As in further games the Turtles always have specials.


Ok, here is my list of tricks/glitches and if I think they should be allowed in a "Glitchless" category.

1. Technodrome start timing (Yes)
2. High ledge grabs (No)
3. Underwater speed boosts (Yes)
4. Death warping (Yes)
5. Rope-skip and other similar damage boosting (Yes)
6. Scroll damage trick (No)
7. Mouser pause/always vulnerable (No)
8. Ceiling glitches (No)
9. Easy Shredder fight (Yes)

Feel free to add to this list, but I can't think of anything else that might be considered a glitch that would possibly speed up a run. Killing the cars with select can be discussed, but it doesn't seem like a beneficial glitch either way, but then again I haven't routed this run out in my head.

For reference, here is a list of most known tricks and glitches:

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So essentially, allow skill-based tricks, but not outright glitches that seem to go outside of how the game was intended as programmed.

Seems good to me. How do we get the category started?

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I'm not sure how to get it officially added. Anyone know?

I tried running it dry the other day and got my ass kicked. I had to keep telling myself notnto do certain things and still ended a few runs due to accidentally doing glitches haha.


when you say high ledge grabs, what do you mean?


So it seems like enough people want the category. And Tarot showed how to do it. Are we gonna have Any% Glitchless any time soon?


I really don't see how not using "glitches" warrants it's own category, apart from the fact that most things listed aren't even glitches. If you aren't interested in doing ceiling skips or rope skips, that's fine, you are still running Any%, there really doesn't seem to be a need for it. No one is forced to do glitches, but I don't think consciously choosing to go slower for arbitrary reasons necessitates it's own category.

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I was running this awhile back - never got a run I was happy with but I certainly wasn't doing 100% of the speedstrats. Wouldn't ask for a "75% glitches" category because I didn't want to learn the final stage glitches. I can somewhat understand wanting a separate category for no glitches but also can see why it would all fall under the any% umbrella. It's not like entire stages are skipped from the glitches, just some sections.


Several games have Glitchless categories. I see no reason why this one can't have it if there are people interested in running it. And there are.

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