Prototype with level select

The US prototype of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles was found on a Famicom cartridge, in the possession of a former Sunsoft of America employee. At the title screen, hold A and press Start to access the level select. 1 through 5 start you on the respective level's overworld, while 6 places you inside the Technodrome. (direct download)

By Konami / Nintendo Player


TMNT Save States (Everdrive)

TMNT (NES) save states for Everdrive (direct download)

By Redheaded_PeckerwoodRedheaded_Peckerwood


Livesplit Splits File - Any% (*.lss)

Splits as of July 24, 2018. For use with Livesplit. Feel free to use these or create your own. (direct download)

By Redheaded_PeckerwoodRedheaded_Peckerwood


Technodrome Practice

will print the frame you're starting on and which technodrome you'd get from that frame. (you can't actually play it out, it stops the game on the title screen.) so you could use that to try to check which technodrome you'd get for a given start frame. (external link)

By threecreepiothreecreepio

Technodrome Practice (J) (external link)

By threecreepiothreecreepio

Technodrome Test IPS patch

Quick and dirty hack to practice Technodrome spawns on flash carts. The location gets put into your high score as the tenths column, after you kill one enemy. 2 is the best spawn. New improved version. Puts the value into high score instead of score. This also doesn't seem to have the overflow issues from before, so enemy spawns are normal. You will need an ips patching program like Lunar IPS ( ). It will apply the patch to a rom file that you then transfer to the everdrive and run as you would any rom file. (direct download)

By kavockavoc

Technodrome Test IPS patch (J)

TT patch for Gekikame Ninja Den (direct download)

By kavockavoc

TechnoTesting Kit

Automatically selects the starting turtle which coincides with a Technodrome location. Raph is top right, Mike is bottom right, Don is bottom left. (direct download)

By Woona

TMNT Race Edition

This rom hack guarantees Technodrome spawn in the best location, and still moves it to bottom left if you game over. (direct download)

By kavockavoc