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Let's do an important votation please:

So of the 10 unofficial proposed categorys which one do you think deserves to be the third official category?

Or it wil never ever in the future will exist the third official category leaderboards?

So this are the unofficial categorys so far:
1.- All pizzas category
2.- All holes category
3.- High score category
4.- All bosses category
5.- Only Leonardo category
6.- Only Raphael category
7.- Only Michealangelo category
8.- Only Donatello category
9.- Low% Category (No Donatello, no subweapons)
10.- Raphael Low%

So my question is: Will it exist a third official category in the future? or it won't happen ever? because some of you could say no thanks?
I have no problem for those category to be as unnoficial in the forum, they are fine, but I just have this question if it will be a third official in leaderboards or it won't happen ever.

So my vote goes to:
Raph low%. Because if somebody beat it, I think he deserves his official leaderboard WR. (For example McFly got his low%, and he got his official WR even if he is the only human in the world that can beat that category, is like a reward for his effort I think).

I will say other could be High Score Category, but Shadow Man told me is lame to have official categorys just for one player. Even this category has his merit I believe.

So each people answer 2 main things please:
1.- It will be a third official category or it will never happen?
2.- Of the 10 proposed categorys, for which category you vote? (only one vote for person).

Remember this topic is friendly, because we are a friendly community. So thanks for your support as always.

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If I had a vote, I would be interested to see one of the Raphael runs be a category. If I had to lean one way or the other, it would be Raph No Subweapons. Can't say I will run it, but would be interested to see what others can do.

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Ey Red, have you seen my run on Raph low%? I did my best effort and I was until the last corridor of Technodrome Part 3. Did some interesting strats to survive in my opinion, hope you can see it and that somehow is the thing you wanted to see.


Really feel like they should be Misc. categories if anything - none of them should be a main category.

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The way I see the main difference between "Main" and "Misc" categories go as follows.

Main categories: intended play modes designed within the game (ie: different difficulty settings, different game modes).
Misc categories: whenever arbitrary rules that are not enforced by the game's design (ie: playing with one specific character only, or without using specific items/abilities, meme runs) are applied.

Of course, certain games are managed differently, but in this case, I can certainly see these apply. So those should be misc'd all the way.

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I agree with Marth. Any% and Glitchless are main categories, others are Misc'd. The only other main category I could think of is Wrong Warp if a beneficial one is ever discovered. Which is going to be debuted after I get sub 17 as a special encore treat.


Just kidding, I haven't discovered a beneficial wrong warp. This game is draining my soul... Please send help... notsupport

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I finally defeated the Damageless category.
Thanks all for your support.
I am really happy and in my opinion this is the hardest category of all