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4 years ago

hi everyone, im fairly new into researching about the minish cap and have been considering picking the game up. my only issue with this is i am unsure if this community would allow a third party controller made by hori.

hori made a gameboy player controller, gives a larger d-pad and in similar design looks like a super famicom controller. on the box it does have an official seal of nintendo which makes me believe it should be fine, but just to make sure before i even consider running the game i wanted to confirm the controller was ok to use.

note: the controller does not have any turbo buttons and plugs into the gamecube as if it was a gamecube controller. the only extra button it does add is a select button.

Ottawa, ON, Canada

As long as it doesn't add functionalities that the original controller doesn't have (turbo, macros, etc) it's good to go.

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thank you for the clarification and assistance. 😊

United Kingdom

The hori controller would be the preferred way to play on gamecube, if it wasn't so damn rare/expensive nowadays.

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