WR not on the board?
7 years ago
Maryland, USA

Any reason why the 4:01 on Youtube isn't on the board? You can add them manually if they don't have an account. Seems like a legit run, just wondering why it isn't on the board.

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Nova Scotia, Canada

it is known, and accepted as the WR but Jam never entered it, Said if the runner did send it in he would accept it tho.

Indiana, USA

Wouldn't that kind of constitute a conflict of interest, though? Jam runs the ladder, but he also has the top spot. Isn't it in the best interest of the site to reflect the worldwide speed records as accurately as possible?

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California, USA

As modship duty goes if you find a legit run wherever it may go you should put it on the board. niconico, YouTube, whatever video site, as long as it is legit.

Connecticut, USA

Hey everyone! Thanks for the awesome feedback and I'm glad everyone is excited about this. I have a bit of concern regarding that run and it's legitimacy. Last year I messaged the individual regarding this run and he has not responded. This being such a short game it is hard to identify exactly what is wrong with the run in question but I would like you all to look at his final stage and compare it to mine or anyone else's run. Start out after both enemies are established behind for comparison. For some reason his enemies and even his character itself are moving slightly faster than other runs. It is very subtle but you can tell if you slow it down. By the end of the final stage he is almost a full screen length ahead, and as you all know the final stage is the most consistent as far as timing goes. The audio also becomes slightly ahead on his side comparatively but that could just be console lag. So that is not a basis for dismissal by itself. I would love some help in analyzing the run further to verify that no game genie codes or video timing manipulation has occurred before submitting a run on his behalf. If he had recorded a reset of the console in his video we could be sure that game genie is not the culprit. If anyone has experience in a situation like this I would like a second opinion. If we can prove the run is legit I will be more than happy to add it to the leaderboard.

Nova Scotia, Canada

watching the videos Jam, im gonna say your right. Even if I put your run ahead of the WR run, his video will catch up and pass you, which shouldn't happen. The enemies can only move so fast. Im gonna say he ran this and then sped it up say 1.1x normal speed. Which over the course of the full game would be a lot. Was there a Pal version for this game? I heard that Pal versions tend to run faster and that might be the difference.

Minnesota, USA

I measured the enemy movement speed, and the frames certain specific events happen. In my findings it appears to all check out. At first glance it is questionable, but through extensive research my findings conclude 4:01 is the time to beat.

Nova Scotia, Canada

we went over the videos quite a few times .. and the top 4 players all agreed to accept the run as the WR... my run was counted frame by frame with the WR and at one part it was faster so with that, I believe its a legit run.

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