Colossus Clips Fixed
4 years ago
Bavaria, Germany

So, it looks like the Colossus Form Clips got fixed with the new Atlantis update. In my last attempt i did not get the clip in Memphis. While that is the more difficult one for me, it's also not possible to get into the corner for the clip in Chang'an.

Because of that we now have some problems on the leaderboard. There are currently three PBs that use the CFCs:

  1. RadioDesk's WR in Any% AE (Hades)
  2. His Coop WR with Curseduser in Hades Route
  3. My 2nd Place in Any% AE (Hades)

As of now, with the knowledge about the game that i have, these three runs cannot be beaten anymore with the latest version of the game.

So we now have some options to handle this situation:

  1. Do nothing, leave the runs as they are.
  2. Check if downpatching is an option (Could be problematic because I don't know how steam handles downpatches that don't include a bought DLC) and let the Hades Category be run on downpatched versions.
  3. Remove the 3 said runs from the current leaderboards so that there can be new times that include the Atlantis DLC 3.1 remove them entirely 3.2 move them to a misc category

Anyone wants to give his opinion on what to do here? If it just affected my own runs, i'd just take them from the leaderboards, but i don't want to remove the runs from other runners, especially when it changes who the WR-holder is (and especially in this case, the new/old WR holder would be me).


Do uninstalling just the atlantis dlc fix the problem? If so i don't see the problem at all, it's very easy to do.

Otherwise downpatches work like they normally do, and it's just a matter of finding the good one.

Bavaria, Germany

So, simply uninstalling the DLC did not fix the problem. Also, in the latest version of the game the devs also fixed the Skillpoint-duplication glitch. So if we want to run against the older records, downpatching to a pre-Atlantis version is now required. I did some testing today and found a good version to run on. I've made a small Guide how to do the downpatching in the Guides section... if you have something more to add, just let me know.

For the Leaderboards i'd like to do the following changes in the next days:

  1. The current Any% Category will remain as it is with the current sub-categories.
  2. I will add an empty Leaderboard for "Any% (Current Patch)". So far i won't add any Sub-Categories, but
  3. I will add a Sticky topic here in the Forum to request new Categories in general. If anyone wants to run on the current patch, they can leave a video (and in best case a small description) of their run there and I'll add the category to the leaderboard. Same can apply to Legendary, Glitchless and Coop Categories (and ofc. Coop Current Patch, if that'll be a thing).

What do you guys think? So far the Any% is the most run category, and i think it's better leaving it as Any%, but splitting the leaderboards for current patches, if someone wants to run on it. Please give me some thoughts on that, either here or on discord.


Holy Sh*t what a coincidence, i also searched the best downgrade version today and was about to post ahah! Well actually i searched for hours trying Atlantis release, one of them(the first one) had a glitch that allowed you to have ALL maps revelead when creating a new character(which gained so much time it's dumb)... unfortunately couldn't find a way to get the glitch again... oh well.

Anyway here is the best atlantis version, if you can add it to the guide: : download_depot 475150 475151 3234804193993828418 This is obviously before the Skillpoint fix, but still after the Clip fix

By far the best version for anything beside any%. Also you don't really need to download the depot for DLC.

Bavaria, Germany

Nice timing on the searches. I'll look into the version and add it to the Guide.

I guess you just downloaded the depot and copied it over the existing TQ folder? Most of the time it works, but sometimes there can be a patch inconsistency between the files of the main game and the DLCs. The safer approach is loading a compatible version of all depots and merging them together before replacing the TQ folder. For now it might work when we only use the base depot, but in the future maybe not (also there could be the reason why you can't reproduce the glitch you mentioned).

Also, what do you think on the leaderboard adjustments? If there aren't any objections i'll update the boards at the end of the week.


Hey guys. Haven't been keeping up to date lately but I did notice when atlantis came out that I couldn't get the clips anymore. Now I don't currently run the game anymore but thought I'd just pop in and say that imo there should always be a true any% category and I agree with mrtiger's suggestion to leave any% as it is and add a new "current patch" leaderboard.

As long as downpatching is easily available i think that's a fair solution, although i might be slightly biased.. ^^


Well searching around on old bug report, the full map bug is a directX11 ONLY thing, but it's impossible to reproduce for me cause with the new launcher the game always launch the legacy(DX9) edition when i'm using old patch somehow?!? Make me kinda mad, cause it's really an insane bug that allow for such optimization...

Having tested it yourself, can you tell me what version do you get by normally launching the game with old patch? if it's DX11 or 9.

Also fun fact: exploring save files made me realize i had around 1.5Go of screenshot on my drive, so you might want to check you're if you never did :p

Leaderboard adjustment is good, Sub-Categories don't need current patch treatment.

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Bavaria, Germany

So, for now i've only tested on the 1.57 patch (the one i recommend for pre-Atlantis). Since the patch is from Before DX11 times, i obviously can only run it on DX9. I might check the recommanded Atlantis-patch this weekend, if i have the time for it. First i'd like to make the leaderboard adjustments ;)

Checked the Screenshots only on my PC (where i don't do any runs)... about 300Mb Screenshots :D

Bavaria, Germany

So, I've made the leaderboard changes:

  • Created the "New Category submissions" thread
  • Deleted empty sub-categories in Glitchless and Coop
  • Moved the "Any% Legendary" to a Sub-Category (will do the adjustments for the rules there tonight after some testing on best version for Hades Legendary)
  • Created empty category "Current patch" with mention of the submission-thread in its rules
  • Adjusted some rules in the any% so that they now mention a recommandation to downpatch the game.

Feedback is appreciated of course ;)

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