why is this game so popular lol
3 years ago
United States

why is this 5 year old game still popping off on speedrun.com lol, btw while yall are here do you think a sub 3:40 is possible?

New York, USA

100%, and bc the game is good and also the game is good


Easyspeezys video helped a bunch plus I do think sub 3:40 is possible


Which game are you talking about? THERE IS NO GAME!!

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Etelä-Savo, Finland

Why is a 24 year old game still poppin off with many runs every year. Mario 64

South Australia, Australia

Minecraft is 10 years old, super popular too

Haute-Normandie, France

Easyspeezy Video helped a lot, but it's still going great 2 months after it. Guess people love this gam.. erm non game. Also sub 3:40 on web Glitchless is possible, but you need to be perfect everywhere and get the greatest breakout ever.

Ohio, USA

Minecraft and Mario 64 were/are super popular games, which is a lot of the reason why they're still popular. I think that TING is so popular because it's a fairly easy game to learn and speedrun, and there's no download necessary.

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