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6 years ago
Pennsylvania, USA

I currently have the rule that the time stops when you destroy the mothership and it does not matter if you game over or not. I made this decision because since this is the last input to complete the loop is when the mothership is destroyed but want to discuss the game over rule.

What do you guys think defines where the end of the loop is? Is it when the mothership is destroyed or is it when the loop to go back to round 1 is started/finished. If it is the later than we would need to question that if there is a game over after the mothership did that time warp happen or not. What do you guys think?

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Manitoba, Canada

shouldn't be able to just crash into each boss.. defeats the purpose of doin it in one shot the fastest time and stayin alive!!!

I went back and forth on this a while in my head, but yeah, I agree that the end of the first loop is the death of the mothership.

Related: I think death abuse in general should be permitted in the run, as it is one of the main speed techniques for this game.

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