Tips for Speedrunning!
3 years ago
North Carolina, USA

Hi THUG community. I used to play this game a lot growing up. Now I was never really a "Pro" but I always enjoyed the game. Recently I've watched the World Record History video for Any% a few times and now I'm thinking of speedrunning the game. Although i'll be honest, i'm not going to be doing any form of glitches or tricks. Anyways out of these versions(PS2, 360, Xbox) which one would y'all recommend for controls? I ask that because I always played the GC version in the past but I don't have a working GC now. Also for the kind of runs i'm wanting to do, what other tips could y'all give me?

EDIT: I might do the very simple tricks though like the use of your skateboard where you try to get back the skateboard gear in NJ and the trick where you skitch the thugs car.

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United Kingdom

Hey man! You can totally speedrun these without glitches but the time will be pretty far from the top! So if you're aiming to just have fun with it, then go ahead - you can still enjoy speedrunning this game with your memory of where the goals are and what to do for them. I speedrun THUG 1 and my times are super super slow, but it's fun, so I don't really care.

So anyway, I'd recommend Underground on PS2 for sure, the story mode route is pretty easy to learn.

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Hampshire, England

If you can, play on the PC version. if not imo the Xbox version is best because you don't have to press two buttons to get off the board.

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Victoria, Australia

i second Heki but for the reason that loads will be faster. 360 is emulating xbox so itll be similar load times but im sure that the emulating is pretty bugged. but yeah. og xbox

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Virginia, USA

Xbox load times are slow, I would say PC over anything

Western Australia, Australia

if you join the tony hawk speedrun discord, there will be much more people who will be willing to give you tips and tricks of how to run this game, as it is probably one of the most popular tony hawk games to speedrun

Virginia, USA

Can you send the link for the discord ?

Hampshire, England

@JackAsap The link is to the left, under guides.

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