Verifying runs with screenshots
5 years ago

Now, here's my problem, i've been speedruning This game since last year, and i've been trying to submit runs (unrecorded though) but i couldn't figure out how...

Then, i saw That the record screen in-game reflects everything that has been done, so, i wanna ask if i could use this records screen to validate my run, mostly because i'm fairly new and outta nowhere in a practice run i got 1 h 9 m (basicly third place in the ranks here) so i'm looking forward to compete for a great sub 60 run

North Carolina, USA

Old thread, and I apologize (blame notifications), but I can talk about this for a moment.

The community, as a whole, does not have any sort of "threshold" when it comes to when we cannot allow screenshots. For ILs, a video is required because of known exploits. However, for RTA, it is a game-by-game basis.

I will say, for THP8, a screenshot is fine if you have anything above a 1 hour time. However, past that, we will ask for video proof (stream or YouTube video). It doesn't have to be of the best quality (it could be a cell phone on a tripod or whatever), but it has to show the gameplay enough to where we can ensure there was no cheating or what-have-you.

TL;DR: This is fine, but past 1 hour we will need proof.

I do have a screenshot, thing is, how can i contact you, because in the long run that's as far as i can go, i'm searching for a recorder

In the mean time, skate hard and have fun!

Are iPhone recordings illegal? I mean, i'm just trying to find a way to submit runs because i don't like getting sub 60 without recordings or proof of it (other than screenshot)

I just read it entirely, nvm, i'll try to record my next runs, hope i reach sub 55 on ps3 (hoping the blackouts act nicely)

Moving on, should i send you the screenshot for the 1h run? Or how can i do?

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