Wanting to speedrun this, but there is a problem.
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Wanting to speedrun this, but there is a problem.
California, USA

Hello! After going through a majority of this game, I decided that once I finish the game, I would like to try and speedrun it. The problem is that I do not own the PC version. I only have the Nintendo Switch version, which does not seem to be allowed. Would it be possible for you guys to add “Story% (Console)” and “Any% (Console)” categories? I understand that the versions may have a disconnect in updates and such, so putting both versions in the same category might not be fair, so I think a separate category for console runs would be a decent idea.

Connecticut, USA

I would agree with this. The versions aren't the same, and the runs wouldn't be the same, but having a console section for each category would be good.


Sorry for the super late reply, I did not have any email notification whatsoever. If you're still interested, console categories are now up.