Load Remover and AutoSplitter - 1.21 NewDark

This definitely works for: NewDarkv1.2.1 Autosplitting: The split is set when the "continue" button is pressed after a level, this seems to be different to others I've seen, so you might get slightly different results to individual splits. When completing Sabotage at Soulforge, the split is counted when the cut-scene is finished and you're back at the main menu. So mash away to get back to the main menu :) Load Removal: This removes the time it takes to load the level and any quick-load times from a quick-save. It does not stop during shopping time. Resets: It works nicely on the first run, but not for any restarts. You will need to hard reset using the Control menu in LiveSplit when starting a new run. (direct download)

By BaklazanBoy - taken from previous work by SuicideMachine & JakePlisskenSDA

Load Removers for 1.21/1.23

Load removers for versions 1.21 and 1.23 for integration with LiveSplit. It is recommended, though not required, to use a load remover for timing your runs. (direct download)

By SuicideMachine & JakePlisskenSDA





Any% splits for regular use and auto-splitting. (direct download)


Tafferpatcher v212

Version 1.21 of Thief 2. (external link)

By Jake Plissken

Tafferpatcher v216

Version 1.23 of Thief 2. (external link)

By DJ Riff