Expert and Normal changes/clarifications
5 years ago
New York City, NY, USA

Big news update taffers! Recently there has been a discussion on what to do with the mission "A Keeper's Training" for fullgame runs on both Normal and Expert. After a lengthy discussion with a majority of community members, the consensus reached was to remove the level from EXPERT only. The reasons brought up that led the discussion to this conclusion were:

  • The level defaults back to Normal difficulty despite selecting "Expert" in the mission briefing anyway.

  • Expert should be a category of doing all the missions on the Expert difficulty. If it defaults back to normal, that doesn't make sense now does it?

  • There is also no fundamental change to the route or any of the objectives as a result of this.

  • The game also lets you skip training without the use of any cheat code or NG+ setup.

To keep in line with the idea of "Expert should be a category of doing all the missions on the Expert difficulty." We've discussed changing the category names to be less confusing and reflect the respective requirements a little better, something to the like of simply "Normal" and "Expert".

"Normal" signifying "Beating all levels on Normal difficulty" (Including training, since it is that level's only difficulty really), and "Expert" signifying "Beating all levels on Expert difficulty" (Excluding training, since it can not truly be played on expert).

Have any objections to this change? Any suggestions for different renames for the categories? Let us know! You can read the whole discussion in the discord.

If there is no substantial opposition to the decision, this will go into effect in the coming days, and any Expert fullgame run with training in it will be retimed to reflect the change.