Definitive guide for Jonathan Kane: The Protector
Definitive guide for Jonathan Kane: The Protector
Updated 1 year ago by Mekarazium

This guide was written by the collective effort of following runners: @Seifer, @DevastatorOne, @Fennec, @coyotl, @meliodas, @Vlad2D

**Mansion Codes: ** 7539 - kitchen bomb 2873 - library bomb 9362 - hall bomb

**Console Commands: ** All the commands can be written in ar.cfg to trigger them on launch

drawfps 1 - Shows FPS in top right corner god 1 - Grants Immortality mucha 1 - Grants noclip drawstickmarkers 1 - Shows all the cover locations sectorshowall 1 - Fully loads the map globalgametime (any number) - Increases the gamespeed by an amount

**Glitches: ** Cover Glitch - While in a cover, hold Back + Forward. The longer you hold these two buttons, the higher you'll get. Launches 4 units per frame. Fall Damage Cancel - Allows you to fall from any height. Has some quirks to it. To use it, jump before covering, then do a regular Cover Glitch. Hold Shift + Forward for more momentum. You can also jump right before you hit the floor and it will also cancel fall damage, but it's obviously much harder to do. Grenade Glitch - Throwing a grenade against the wall will clip the grenade inside. Also, if you reload with the grenade already thrown, it will explode on the ground.

Techniques: Turning off all sounds will skip most of dialogues in cutscenes and will save roughly around 5 minutes. Reload Cancel - If you cover during a reload animation, you'll instantly finish reloading. Silent Hop - Sprint + Jump + Crouch allows the player to crouch during the jump. Very helpful during stealth sections of the run. Bullet Heal - Slowing the time down with abilities will not slow down HP or Stamina regeneration. Enemies won't deal any damage to you if you are close enough.

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