4 years ago
Pohjois-Pohjanmaa, Finland

does anyone have roms for this and does the region for this game matter?

Île-de-France, France

Hello o/

It is against the rules of to give links to roms, but it's not hard to find In the leaderboard there are separate categories for PAL and NTSC, so you're free to choose the region you want. However I'd advise you to play the PAL version, because there are more runners, and the NTSC version seems buggy

Pomorskie, Poland

NTSC version should not be allowed because the game was not released on this version and it has bugs with graphics in some levels and it is buggy

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Hesse, Germany

I tend to agree on this since it's a PAL exclusive and you only get to play it by either a NTSC ROM or with altering your hardware. So, no (official) game release here obvs.

But I don't want to make the call just yet. Might be some valid arguments from either previous mods or the runner themself.

I give it some time till the end of this month. That's only fair. If there is no complaint I would simply remove NTSC from the board as a category as a whole.

Hesse, Germany

Deleted the NTSC category as announced. No response from the runner themself or anyone else who speaks against it. The time to respond I gave was long and fair.

I checked again and spoke to others. No way there is in any form an official NTSC release.

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