Any% Speedrun Guide (Saveless and Saves)

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Any% Saveless and Saves guide
By aWay0flife81 and LeoLitz

This guide is mostly used to speedrun the game in the Any% Saveless category, although the differences in the Any% Saves category are noted where appropriate
There is a video guide to running the game on youtube courtesy of LeoLitz, you can watch it here (

Throughout the guide it will say "SKIP", Press Esc or double click (clicking both left and right mouse buttons at the same time) to do so
Skipping with Esc is easier and allows to skip multiple cutscenes in a row by holding the key down, double clicking allows to leave an hand on the mouse, also it doesn't invalidate any other input like Esc does (while holding Esc is impossible to input any other command) knowing where to use one or the other is important but also subjective
Also you can skip dialogue by Pressing . (period) Key
Anytime the Guide says "Dia:" it means you should Press that number on your keyboard during dialogue sections, this is usualy
much faster than using the mouse cursor to select them and certain sections go by faster when you say the correct things

There are keyboard hotkeys for all the command options in the game, they are as follows:

P: Pick Up
T: Talk To
U: Use
G: Give
L: Look At
O: Open
C: Close
Y: Pull (Yank)
S: Pu(S)h

Note, that the commands (Talk To) (Look At) and (Open/Close) are also the default option when clicking Right Mouse Button. Depending on circumstance. (Eg: use it to Talk to Shopkeeper or Open doors)

You can also Press Q and A to scroll up and down during the Sword Fighting and Sword Master fight.

This game has a "glitch" where if you skip the opening Lucasfilm Games logo at the correct time, it allows guybrush to walk slightly faster
It also speeds up animations throughout the game
Activating this glitch is essential to getting a good time, thankfully it's very easy.

At the Lucafilm Games logo, Press ESC when you see the very first "sparkle" on the L, as long as you skipped once sparkles start happening then you will have the glitch, keep ESC pressed or press it multiple times as you need to skip a couple of cutscenes


Timing for this run begins when you Skip the Lucafilm games logo.


Part 1

Walk to Scumm Bar, open the door and enter, with practice it's possible to enter most doors at the beginning of the door opening animation, this will result in seemingly passing through the door
Walk right and Open the door to the kitchen, Skip the text from the chef and wait about 10 secs for the chef to walk out, once he is off screen then Enter, it's ideal to enter the kitchen while the chef's elbow is still visible at the edge of the screen
Walk outside and step on the plank to the right of the Bird, launch the Bird into the air twice and quickly pick up the Fish
Pick up the Meat and Pot, exit Kitchen (you can also select Use Pot on Meat to pick them both up), exit Scumm Bar (don't click on any pirate), SKIP as soon as you exit the bar to skip a cutscene.

Exit Village, walk to Clearing (circus), walk left to Tent and enter
SKIP, Dia: 1, SKIP, Dia: 1, 2 SKIP
Give Pot to fettucini bros, Dia: 1, SKIP

Walk to fork
Walk up
Pick up plants (it'll show as flowers in the inventory), it's possible to interupt this action early by walking away and still pick up the plants, it doesn't save much time and it's risky as there aren't any visual cues to help with the timing

(in this run we will be skipping following the shopkeeper to sword master, which saves time, to do this you need to buy a map, otherwise you can't find the sword master on your own. All you have to do is follow the route)

Return to Village, use flowers with meat (this action must be performed before reaching the mansion, it doesn't matter when, it's better to do it while Guybrush is walking), walk right to Archway, talk to Citizen of Melee (guy with parrot) Dia: 4, SKIP, 2

Open and enter door to the left of the guy with parrot
Pick up Chicken and Exit

Walk to Archway in the back (under the clock)
go to the Third building on the left (Jail)
Talk to Prisoner, SKIP, Leave
Go to Shop, pick up shovel, pick up sword
Talk to shopkeeper, Dia: 3, 1, 1, 1, 1, 2 (make sure to get this right because we don't want to ask him to go find the sword master as it will waste time)

Go to Mansion (keep going left through the town)
Use meat with condiment on poodles, Open door, go into mansion
Open door on right, SKIP cutscene, leave

Go to the Jail, give breath mints to prisoner
Dia: 2, give gopher repellent to prisoner
Leave, Open cake, return to mansion
Walk to the gaping hole in the wall, after Guybrush speaks, SKIP, after Guybrush speaks again SKIP, Dia: (doesn't matter, any option is valid), SKIP, SKIP (you can hold Esc to do both skips), leave, SKIP Cutscenes

When you are underwater, Pick up Idol, SKIP

Leave village (to the left)
Go to Bridge, Talk to Troll
Dia: 1, 2. This will give you the insult "I once owned a dog that was smarter than you" so you can use it during insult sword fighting later.
Give Fish to Troll
Go to House (to the right)

Open door, Dia: 1, SKIP, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, SKIP, leave (in this and maybe other dialogues it's faster to line up the cursor just right so that you can spam click to select the dialogue options, depending on skill this is ideal in every dialogue as it's possible to "buffer" spam clicking before the options are selectable, but it's really difficult to do in other dialogues)

Go to Fork, follow the route below to the Sword Masters House
Go up (there are two exits, both lead to the same place)
Go up again
Go right
Go right Again
Go left
Go up
Use Sign and go right over log
You've found the Sword Masters house, Exit screen to the left (you can get back here later)

Walk into Pirates to get into sword fights
You have to Learn Insults while fighting, then use those Insults in other fights to learn Responses
There are 16 insults to learn and 16 responses
You have to win 3 fights before you can fight the Sword master (you will know you have won 3 fights because the pirate will say "Wow! You're good enough to fight the Sword Master"

The idea is to get a decent amount of responses so you can win the fight with the Sword Master, 8 responses is a good number to aim for, giving you a 50% chance of winning.
Note that 4 responses work on multiple insults (see in sword master insults list below) so essentially if you have ONE of these "multi-responses" it's like having 2 responses instead of 1.
Eg. You start the fight knowing 2 responses ("you fight like a cow" and "feather duster"). You can learn "he must have taught you" quicker because of the Troll, so that's 3. Any multi-resps increases this to 7, then 9 etc. (there is some overlap between insults so this is not always true, see in sword master insults list below)

The minimum amount of insults you need is 5, but the likelihood of winning is only 2%, and it's unlikely you will get through the sword fighting quickly only knowing this many. (Unless you are doing a Saves run)

While fighting pirates the lose animation takes more time than the animation of giving up, meaning that if you have already lost 2 rounds against a pirate, the pirate insults you and you cannot respond, it's better to give up the fight, you can do it fast by holding A and then pressing 6

Sword Fighting insults and responses are below:

You fight like a Dairy Farmer! = How appropriate! You fight like a cow!
This is the END for you, you gutter crawling cur! = And I've got a little TIP for you, get the POINT?
I've spoken with apes more polite than you! = I'm glad to hear you attended your family reunion!
Soon you'll be wearing my sword like a shish kebab! = First you better stop waving it about like a feather duster.
People fall at my feet when they see me coming! = Even BEFORE they smell your breath?
I'm not going to take your insolence sitting down! = Your hemorrhoids are flaring up again eh?
I once owned a dog that was smarter than you. = He must have taught you everything you know.
Nobody's ever drawn blood from me and nobody ever will. = You run THAT fast?
Have you stopped wearing diapers yet? = Why? Did you want to borrow one?
There are no words for how disgusting you are. = Yes there are. You just never learned them.
You make me want to puke. = You make me think somebody already did.
My handkerchief will wipe up your blood! = So you got that job as janitor, after all.
I got this scar on my face during a mighty struggle! = I hope now you've learned to stop picking your nose.
I've heard you are a contemptible sneak. = Too bad no one's ever heard of YOU at all.
You're no match for my brains, you poor fool. = I'd be in real trouble if you ever used them.
You have the manners of a beggar. = I wanted to make sure you'd feel comfortable with me.

There is a huge amount of randomness to this section every time (RNG), try to use the info below as a general guide (this info relates to any% saveless, the differences in any% saves will be explained afterwards)

1st fight: try to learn response to "I once owned a dog". If you fail, then lose on purpose to learn 2 insults (hopefully)
2nd fight: use new insult(s) and hope to learn responses and maybe 2 new insults
3rd fight: same as 2nd, but you can also win this fight

(At this point try to seek out the Ugly or Stinking Pirates)

4th fight: same again and try to win the fight
5th fight: you may have at least 8 responses (if you have been lucky and have a multi-resp you essentially have more) and may be 3rd win, go to sword master
6th fight: same as 5th fight, keep going until you have enough responses and/or 3rd win

When you want to face the Sword Master/Carla, click on their house to go straight there.
Walk up to her and talk to her
ESC, Dia: 2

The fight with Carla is different, you only have to give responses, and the insults are not the same, you have to figure out which response match her insults

Carla's full list of insults and responses is below:

Now I know what filth and stupidity really are. = I'm glad to hear you attended your family reunion.
Every word you say to me is stupid. = I wanted to make sure you'd feel comfortable with me.
I've got a long, sharp lesson for you to learn today. = And I've got a little TIP for you. Get the POINT?
I will milk every drop of blood from your body! = How appropriate, you fight like a cow!
I've got the courage and skill of a master swordsman. = I'd be in real trouble if you ever used them.
My tongue is sharper than any sword = First, you'd better stop waving it like a feather-duster.
My wisest enemies run away at the first sight of me! = Even BEFORE they smell your breath?
If your brother's like you, better to marry a pig. = You make me think somebody already did.
No one will ever catch ME fighting as badly as you do. = You run THAT fast?
I hope you have a boat ready for a quick escape. = Why, did you want to borrow one?
My sword is famous all over the Caribbean! = Too bad no one's ever heard of YOU at all.
You are a pain in the backside, sir! = Your hemorrhoids are flaring up again, eh?
There are no clever moves that can help you now. = Yes there are. You just never learned them.
I usually see people like you passed-out on tavern floors. = 1. Even BEFORE they smell your breath?
= 2. I'm glad to hear you attended your family reunion.
My last fight ended with my hands covered with blood. = 1. I hope now you've learned to stop picking your nose.
= 2. Your hemorrhoids are flaring up again, eh?
My name is feared in every dirty corner of this island! = 1. So you got that job as a janitor, after all.
= 2. Too bad no one's ever heard of YOU at all.
Only once have I met such a coward! = 1. He must have taught you everything you know.
= 2. I'm glad to hear you attended your family reunion.

The "family reunion", "smell your breath", "heard of YOU" and "hemorrhoids" responses are multi-resps, so they are REALLY good ones to get.

(NOTE: Because both "family reunion" and "smell your breath" both share One insult ("I usually see people like you passed-out on tavern floors") then if you already have "family reunion" learned that means learning "smell your breath" only increases your total responses count by ONE. Whereas if you have "smell your breath" and you learn "family reunion" it increases your count by TWO. Also knowing "He must have taught you everything you know" which is likely, lowers the value of "Family reunion" by one, there are other overlaps between other multi-resps, but the ones with "family reunion" are the most important to know)

After you win the fight, Leave (if you lose, leave and come back, talk to her again)

Differences in any% saves:
In this category using Alt+num to Save and Ctrl+num to Load save files are allowed (only save files created during the run may be loaded), this changes the swordfights quite a bit, right after using Alt+num to save a popup appears, it can be cleared by SKIP but be aware that in windows pressing both Alt and Esc at the same time can put the game in the background
There are 3 strategies, but there could be more, take the following info as a general guide:

4 pirates setup:
1st fight: insult him with "I once owned a dog", save before he answers then reload the save until he answers correctly, save before he insults you and load until he uses an insult related to a multi-resp, do this again to get another good insult (this will result in your lost)
2nd fight: use one of the new insults, save and load to learn the answer, save before he insults you and load until he uses an insult you can respond to, respond to him, use the other insult, learn the answer, respond to him again, insult him and use save and load to make him lose
3rd fight: insult him, save and load to make him lose, repeat until you win the fight
4th fight: same as the 3rd fight

3 pirates setup:
1st fight: insult him with "I once owned a dog", save before he answers then reload the save until he answer correctly, save before he insults you and load until he uses an insult related to a multi-resp, save and load to make him use an insult you can answer to, answer, insult him until you win using save and load to make him constantly lose
2nd fight: use the new insult, save and load to learn the answer, save before he insults you and load until he uses a new insult related to a multi-resp, save and load to make him use an insult you can answer to, answer to him, insult him until you win using save and load to make him constantly lose
3rd fight: use the new insult, save and load to learn the answer, save and load to make him use an insult you can answer to, answer to him, insult him until you win using save and load to make him constantly lose

3 pirates riskier setup:
This setup saves 2 seconds by not talking to the troll at all
1st fight: insult him with a dummy insult (dummy insults are insults that will always make you lose, in this case from the 3rd insult onwards every insult Guybrush has is a dummy insult), save before he insults you and load until he uses "I've spoken apes more polite than you!", save and load to make him use an insult you can answer to, answer, insult him until you win using save and load to make him constantly lose
2nd fight: use the new insult, save and load to learn "family reunion", save and load to make him use an insult you can answer to, answer to him, insult him until you win using save and load to make him constantly lose
3rd fight: insult him until you win using save and load to make him constantly lose

Regardless of the setup used the fight against Carla is fought in the same way, save before she insults you and load until she uses something you can answer to, do this 5 times and you'll win

The community has done some computer simulations, in average the 4 pirates setup will require slightly less reloadings than the 3 pirates setup (48.5 reloadings compared to 51.7), the riskier 3 pirates setup will require 62.9 reloadings
the 3 pirates setup saves time compared to the 4 pirates setup by not having to find the 4th pirate and avoiding the beginning and ending animations and dialogues of the 4th pirate, the riskier setup saves 2 seconds more by not talking to the troll so the best strategy is probably to use the normal 3 pirates setup which is consistent and fast enough

Enter Fork again

(While following this path scroll up the inventory once to have the shovel ready)
Go left
Go Right
Go left
Go right
Go up
Go right
Go left
Go up
Go right and use shovel on X, SKIP and leave

Go to Lights
SKIP, Dia: 1, 2, 4, 5 (to ask Stan to show you the nearest ship), you can SKIP after every dialogue option as soon as Stan talks, apart from the first one wher you can SKIP after Guybrush and Stan walk to the far right

Go to Village, SKIP, Dia: 3, SKIP go to SCUMM bar
Pick up the 2 mugs, walk to the kitchen, use a Mug with the barrel, leave BAR
Head to the jail (your mug will melt on the way so use filled mug with a fresh mug once you get to the church area)
Use mug with Lock, After the prisoner walks to the middle of the room SKIP, Leave and as soon as you exit the prison SKIP

Return to the Shop
Talk to shopkeeper
Dia: 2, 1
(here we will be performing a small glitch called "invisible stairs glitch". You can make the shopkeeper walk up to the safe on stairs that are not there, which saves time over walking the usual way)
SKIP the shopkeeper walking to the safe the first time as soon as possible (so right after Guybrush talks after selecting the dialogue option)
Once that is skipped answer with Dia: 2, then he will do the glitch and watch him open the safe, learn the combination and then SKIP (you can SKIP after having seen only the first 3 numbers of the combination).
Dia 1 (to make him leave the shop), SKIP his dialogue, if the glitch didn't trigger it means the first cutscene of him walking to the safe wasn't skipped soon enough
Go to the safe, pull the handle of the safe to input the first number, push to input the second and so on. Eg. If the first 3 safe numbers were 2 1 3. Pull twice, push once and Pull three times.
If you only watched the first 3 numbers to input the forth just Push until the safe opens (if you're too fast you can push one too many times while the safe is opening, this way the safe will glitch and the only way to recover is by exiting and reentering the shop)

Leave Village, go to Shore (top right of the map)
Use rubber chicken on Cable, open door
Dia: 1, SKIP 3, SKIP and after a line of dialogue SKIP again, open door, SKIP, right click on bird, SKIP, after one line of dialogue SKIP again
Use rubber chicken on cable and leave
Go to sword master, Give Note, SKIP, leave (giving the note to her is faster than talking to her)

Return to Stan
SKIP, Dia: 3, after Guybrush and Stan go to the sea monkey SKIP, 4, SKIP, skip dialogue, SKIP, 4, 1, 1, 2, 2, 2, 2, 2, 2, 3, 2, 4, SKIP
(It's a lot to remember, but basically you need to go away, ask about extras, turn down 6 of them to lower the Price, THEN make an offer of 5000)
Leave and return to town

SKIP, Dia: 1, 1, SKIP three times



Leave, walk up rope ladder, Pick up Jolly Roger
Walk to lowest hatch, open chest, look at chest (wine)
Pick up rope, pick up Kegs (gunpowder), walk to galley
Open cupboard, Open cereal, pick up Pot, leave
Enter captains room, use prize with cabinet
Open chest, Look at chest (cinnamon and list)
Pick up feather and Ink, return to galley
Use Feather with Fire (to get Fire)
Use Ink, Cinnamon, Cereal, Gunpowder, wine, Jolly roger, chicken and Mints in Pot
SKIP cutscene, leave
Go to lowest hatch, get more gunpowder, exit to deck
Use gunpowder with nozzle, use rope with rear of Cannon
Use Pot, (this will Light the fuse AND put the pot on your head) SKIP



SKIP, walk to jungle, go up and left, walk to Fort
Push cannon, pick up rope and gunpowder, leave
Go to the right and to the river fork
Pick up noteworthy rock, SKIP, walk to footholds
Pull Primitive Art Two times (until it's facing towards the camera, be aware that it must be pulled by clicking the rightmost part of it, otherwise it'll turn in the wrong direction), walk to footholds
Push rock, Dia: when you see Toothroot SKIP his dialogue, 3, go to path down twice (back to waterfall)
Use gunpowder with the dam, while Guybrush is walking to perform the action use the noteworthy rock and scroll the inventory up, as soon as Guybrush uses the gunpowder click on the compass (this way Guybrush uses the noteworthy rock with the compass)
Go to the newly revealed Pond, Pick up Rope, Leave
Click on the edge of the beach to warp to it, Go up to the jungle
Click on the middle of the Crack, Guybrush shouldn't go all the way around to reach the crack but he should walk directly to it
Use rope with Strong Branch, use rope with sturdy stump
Pick up Oars, exit to jungle
Go to Beach, pick up bananas, use oars with boat

Go up two screens to the north of the island, to the beach (row around to the right)
walk to jungle, go to village
Walk left, pick up bananas, walk right
Dia: SKIP, 3, SKIP, Pick up skull, pick up loose board, walk to hole, SKIP
walk to beach, use boat (from now on to use it's possible to just click on it without selecting any action), go down one screen, row to beach
walk to jungle, go down two screens, warp to the beach, go to monkey (near the crack), give all bananas to monkey
leave, walk up one screen and walk right one screen, go to Clearing
Pull nose (on totem), walk to monkey head, pick up wimpy little idol, leave
Return to village

Walk left to the hut (until Guybrush passes in front of the first window of the hut) then walk right into the cannibals, Dia: 2, give idol to cannibals, SKIP
Leave the village then return to the village
Dia: 1, 1, 1, 4, 2, 3, 1 it's possible to SKIP after every dialogue option as soon as the cannibals start talking apart the first one, skipping after the 4th dialogue option is important as it skips some other dialogue options
Give green leaflet to cannibals, SKIP
Walk left into the hut, Pick up Banana picker, leave
Walk right, give banana picker to Herman, leave
Row to east Beach, go to monkey head (clearing)
Use "key" in monkey heads ear, go inside

Walk to right into next screen, use navigator head to pull him out and try to find LeChucks ship
Getting through the Catacombs is completely dependant on RNG and can be a pain (the RNG is mitigated in any% saves which will be explained afterwards)
The idea is to progress into 6 "Exits" before you can find the ship
An Exit is either a Doorway you go through or you walking off screen, in both cases it takes you to a New area.
Sometimes you will start in an area that has no way to progress, these screens are the best to get because all you need to do is walk off screen to progress.

Going through a wrong exit will decrease the exit counter by one losing a huge amount of time (if after going through 5 correct exits someone takes a wrong exit other 2 correct exits must be taken)
If while going off the edge of the screen the screen scrolls it doesn't count as an exit
The head works in a weird way, it will almost always only face either left or right, meaning that it'll never face down or up even if Guybrush needs to move verticaly (the only exception is when directly facing a correct exit situeted upwards of Guybrush, in this case the head will face up)
To understand the head directions, whenever there's a vertical corridor and the head is pointing towards one end of it, if by walking pass the corridor end the head changes the direction he's facing (as to always face that corridor's end) Guybrush needs to walk on the corridor

In any% saves it's possible to save right before taking an exit and reload until Guybrush finds himself in a good room

When you find the ship, Talk to Navigator head, Dia: 2, 2, 2, 2, 2
It's possible to perform a glitch, if failed it doesn't lose time, otherwise it seems to save 1 to 2 seconds, it's triggered by talking to the head as soon as the room loads (right after taking the 6th exit), in roughly 3 frames T must be pressed and released and then the head must be clicked (it's possible to hold T from the previous room and releas it as soon as the room loads)
use the necklace, walk to the ship, the necklace animation can be skipped with another glitch, saving another second, this glitch is far easier but still not completly free, the necklace must be used while Guybrush is walking to the ship as soon as the buttons in his pants disappear behind the rock, if Guybrush is in any other position the glitch will not work
Go left, open and enter door, use compass on key, exit
go right, down hatch, go right
pick up ghost chicken (feather), go left
Use feather twice on ghost pirates foot, pick up grog, go right
Use key in hatch, go inside
use grog in dish, pick up grease (you can do this as soon as the rat stands up before drinking the grog), exit back to deck
Use grease on door, enter
Pick up tools, leave
Return to animal room, use tools on glowing crate
Look at crate (to get the root, you can look with right click, this way you can spam the command while the cutscene is ending), leave ship and walk to cave
SKIP cutscenes, leave village
SKIP, Dia: 3, 2, 1, 1, SKIP (you can skip when Carla starts walking, by using double clicking the command can be spammed while holding period to skip dialogue, this way the cutscene can be skipped in the first frame)


Part 4

Go right, SKIP, Dia: 2, go right
Use shortcut, (No need to fight that Ghost) walk to town, enter church
Dia: SKIP, 3, 3, SKIP, 3, SKIP, 4, SKIP (a lot of things are skippable after the dialogue and holding Esc will not skip them so the skipping command must be spammed until Guybrush lands on the grog vending machine, then Esc can be held until Stan goes away)
Use Root Beer with Lechuck
Dia: 1, 2 (this can't be selected with keyboard)

Stop Timer when screen fades to black


We call the faster walking thing a glitch, but to be honest I am not sure if it is, it's probably just a quirk of the game.

The chef in the Scumm Bar will always leave the kitchen 10 seconds after you try to enter, there is apparently no way to make him do this faster.

Below are the chances of winning Sword Master fight, depending on how many responses you have

4 or less - 0%
5 - 2.88%
6 - 12.05%
7 - 28.58%
8 - 50%
9 - 71.41%
10 - 87.95%
11 - 97.12%
12 - 100%

(thanks to HashmeerShashmeer for figuring this out)

I hope this guide was useful and helps you get into MI1 running. Thanks for reading and have fun. (and don't let bad RNG get you down)

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