New Rules regarding Music and Sound options
3 years ago

A couple days ago Freeze discovered that changing the Music and Sound options in the SNES version leads to lower loading times when starting levels from passwords.

I did some statistical analyses on console and emulator to see how much this would impact runs, you can see the results here:

Here are my notes in case you don't want to see the document:

  • Every level can have 2~3 more frames of loading time because of frame input cycles
  • Turning Sound OFF reduces loading time by 1 frame
  • Turning Music OFF reduces loading time by 49 frames
  • Sound and Music OFF add up on frames, reducing loading time by 50 frames
  • Music can be turned OFF, then ON, and it'll still save 49 frames
  • Two Players option doesn't seem to change loading time

Because of this issue, we decided to ban any manipulation of the Music and Sound options. For runs, they have to always be "ON", and also never be turned "OFF". This is very important because the Music option reduces loading times even if you turn it "ON" after turning it "OFF".

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