Category for 100% no glitches?
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Category for 100% no glitches?
Georgia, USA

I have a run i would like to submit but im not really sure the category actually exists. I don’t believe in scrolling or clipping or using up +a. Is there a category that encompasses 100% with no glitching / up+A?

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United States

There is not a specific leaderboard for that. You can still submit the run to the 100% (or no up+a) leaderboard.

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California, USA

@Randothacommando I just submitted a run (my first one) yesterday for 100% (no up+A, no glitches), at 00:57:26. Without developing advanced fighting skills based on room layouts (a level I don't think I would go to), I think I could clean up a few parts of the run and get it down to about 56 minutes, but the one I did is fairly clean. I would love to see what others could do under these parameters, but there is no category for it yet. :(

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Florida, USA

might be good for category extensions. i'd like to see how the run could be optimized more without using clips or screen scrolls.

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