"Buffet" Practice hack

READ THE README.txt! A fully featured and well-documented practice hack. Includes 5 lua scripts, including hitbox visualizer. (direct download)

By Fiskbit

Practice Hack

Adds the following features to an existing Zelda 1 ROM: Room timer, Consecutive count, Consecutive 10 count, Global value (external link)


EDN8-Pro save states, 2-first route

Saves states for 2-first route. (direct download)

By sully51sully51

EDN8-Pro save states, 3-first

save states for Khananaroote (WR route as of upload date) (direct download)

By sully51sully51




No Flashing patch

This is a patch to remove certain flashing from the game, as an aid for players with photosensitive conditions. (direct download)

By @ireneista