Subcategories are now implemented
5 years ago
United States

The leaderboards are now split into each respective difficulty (Easy, Medium, Hard) for All Strikes%, and seperated by console (PS3, PS2, PS1, PC). The reasoning behind this is because the PS3's load times are a lot slower, meaning runners can never compete with PS2. PS3 also has smoother framerate, making certain levels feel way different than the PS2 counterpart. PS1 is its own category since a couple of people DID do runs on a PS1, so I can't just eliminate those runs. PC is obviously on its own since it is almost like a totally different game. Check out the Any% runs to see what I mean.

And speaking of Any% runs, I have chosen to leave that category as-is, since all the runs are on PC anyway with the exception of one. If people begin to submit Any% runs on PS2 or PS3 I will separate Any% as well.

Make sure when submitting a new run to look over the submission form carefully to make sure you're selecting the appropriate category and console/platform you are playing on.

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