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5 years ago
Nordjylland, Denmark

Hey PeteDorr has been made a mod here as there seem to be more traffic then usual and this website tend to not send me mails when runs are submitted so i tend to miss them. Hopefully it should run better now. Its sad to see my only record go but nice to see some competetion in this truly awful game. Have fun :-)

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United States

BrutalRobin I hope you try to get your WR back! :)

Ontario, Canada

I wonder what amazing new runner created such hype around this legendary game?

United States

KillDeer, there’s a bunch of us streaming this game in friendly competition, feel free to stop by any of our channels to get in on the fun. Once somone submits a PC run in any of the all strikes categories it will be seperated from consoles though due to the crazy fast load times PC produces and better performance in frame rates.

Ontario, Canada

Yes I've been keeping an eye on everyone. I've done a handful of casual runs on All strikes PC and will probably submit a run of it at some point.

I think the categories should be separated not just for the load times on PC but since PC seemed to be the lead platform (maybe?) the maps are designed differently and have more objects and things happening on them making runs not exactly 1:1 comparable with the console versions with their limited maps.

United States

Yeah it will be seperated for sure. PC is very different, you’re right, in the level designs. Most of us start on PS3 since it runs a lot smoother than PS2, but eventually we will all move on to PS2 for the load times. For now though, I have to prevent meachumz from getting 1st place on PS3 :)

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