Version 4
1 year ago
Missouri, USA

I checked the upload page to confirm, but it doesn't show an option to submit a run for Version 4 (current download version available from the VGPerson translation page). I have an older version (2 I think) but I was wondering if there was a reason later versions aren't listed here. Is there something game-breaking that I haven't found yet or is this just a case of "old board"?

Thanks in advance for any information on this.

Pomorskie, Poland

version 4 had 2 versions, one is 1.4a and 1.4b, 1.4a is slower than 1.4b but as far as I know the older version on 2.0 is faster besides on this version fights are also much easier because of a bug that allows you to attack when you have the menu on, on version 1.4b there are also some menu tricks that save a few seconds but version 2.0 is much faster besides I advise you to join the discord server because not everyone looks at the forums

Ohio, USA

Version 2.0 in the later run has some things that are slower than 1.4a & 1.4b in the hospital. Such as needing to find the combination but with the timesave for the fights it still is much faster because the menu boss fight saves time in all fights and makes the fight at the hospital a cakewalk just gotta make sure you don't go over the exact amount of hits or your run is over.

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