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I'm the one who brought The Crew alive into the speedrunning world last month.
I did not take a lot of time to set up categories so here is all the information you'll need to speedrun The Crew:

General information:

Always try to mention the vehicles you used in your speedrun attempts (with the spec)

A video footage is necessary, screenshots won't be accepted. We advice you to use OBS to record your game.

About Faction Missions:

Less than 10 minutes: this speedrun includes all of the concerned faction missions. We use the ingame timer to get the times and we sum up the times for all the missions to get the final result (it will be expressed in InGame time (IGT))

Above 10 minutes: these speedruns include only one mission each, the ingame timer is used and no external timing software is needed

About "Visiting the USA" speedruns:

These speedruns are based on freedrive challenges I've created, they will offer you a good look of the USA and of its remarkable places.
The ingame timer is also used, no external timing software is needed.
Vehicle changes are allowed during the run.

I'm doing this post really quick so I might edit this post in the future to add more information.

Get your hands on the wheel bros!


Nice! Would be nice to add now the rest of the Faction Missions. 🙂
For a Story Speedrun: What about just redoing all Missions with Alex and use a normal Timer than.
The FDC: You should use all 10 checkpoints to make the routes more clear. For example the HQ Tour has only 4 CP and it sends you 2-3 times offroad. Just add more Checkpoints on the route where it is taking you off road. 🙂


Thanks for setting this up, goob job! I'm looking forward to see all of the Faction Missions added to the list, as we don't have any ingame leaderboards for them. This will be interesting 🙂

I agree with the decision to use the ingame timer, it is accurate enough.


I have set 8 to 10 checkpoints on the other challenges to go through more than 7 places. Setting 4 checkpoints on HQ Tour is good for speedrunning purposes: you need to find the fastest route for your vehicle, you need to try several things, to exploit the map to become 1st. Most of the time, the route is not completely defined in speedruns, ppl search for months or years the optimal route and this is what I aim for on The Crew.


Hesto.... Shit and I can say au revoir to my chances of setting some WR 😮


You have all your chances, just look at the map and find the fastest route with as less offroad as possible. It won't take this long!


Hi, can you help me for add freedrive challenge? i don't found how can i add code


Open the FreeDrive challenge map and at the top you should see that there are categories like in regular map(skills, faction missions and stuff like that) but in this map go to "favorites" and then press "import" button.

FDC need wild run.


Thanks, i don't found it because i don't have wild run, i buy this DLC later and try speedrun!


is it even possible to do any% story speedrun? I never find a button to reset campaign progress.


Maybe delete some files/folders in the game directory?


Nobody has found a way to reset the progress so far. There is no button or option to do it and also no offline mode.


Story mission speedrun is done by simply replaying story missions. Because you cant reset progress.
Click the "View Rules" Button to see details about the speedrun.