Kega Fusion run
6 years ago

would it be possible to do an emulated run (while i have the hardware, i do not have the cash for the game nor the time to search for it)

Lower Saxony, Germany

Sure. I haven't checked myself how accurate the Sega emulators are however, but i'd say go for it :)

is there a way to fix the speed issue when recording an AVI file? it slows to a crawl. also, for some reason, my video options are gone, i have just the render, tv mode and scanline option (just the scanline, not 25, 50 or even 100 percent)

Lower Saxony, Germany

I'm sorry, i only really play the SNES version of the game and don't have expertise in Sega emulators. I record with OBS and it works really well, you should try it, if you don't already use it. :)

it won't show video for avi

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