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Are Emulator runs allowed?

United States

Doesn't seem like it, but there could be a sub-category for emulator if there's enough people who want it.

Sergipe, Brazil

In fact someone has to turn mod here, since the only moderator doesn't go online for 2 months.

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As far as I know, TGR emulates poorly (graphics/sound glitches). I'm gonna do a few tests with some emulators to see if it's acceptable. Edit: PJ64 doesn't start the game, 1964 has graphic/sound glitches, Mupen64plus works decent enough but the audio is terrible and there's some minor graphic bugs and BizHawk seems good even if there's no sound. Didn't see any differences between bizhawk and console, if there's still actual interest in the game, might allow it (even with this late as hell post).

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New South Wales, Australia

After doing testing on both emulator and console I've determined that emulators do in fact run the game differently to console. (emulators seem to run slightly faster in general, including the in game timer) Because of this I've decided to set emulator runs to hidden by default.

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Canary Islands

Hi everyone; I want to know if they have decided that it can be played in an emulator? If possible, I would be delighted to play it. Thank you

São Paulo, Brazil

I made a test the timer of the emulator is same that in the emulator there is no difference ...

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