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It was released as a VC game as a while before it got taken down, am I allowed to submit runs on 3DS?

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If you don't get a reply by tomorrow. I'd try asking one of the mods on Twitter etc. I have that version too. Just no real way to properly record it without it just being a camera pointed at the screen. Thus, I used an emulator.

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I assume a webcam pointed at the screen would be fine anyway. I just want to know because I can definitely get WR in these categories :p

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I'm sure it's fine. Worst case, you'd just have to do it on emulator or something. So just record/stream it and turn it in.

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As far as I know the 3DS vc is true emulation. The only arrangement that is explicitly banned is Super Gameboy for the SNES since the framerate is faster (1.02x)

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I don't think SGB is even emulation though, it's an interpreter or whatever. Anyway, thanks for this. I'll try to record a video, but it's super hard with my hands overlapping most of the screen (I'm using the opposite hands to play faster :p).

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I will say, the whole webcam thing is apparently looked down upon o.o

"I will say, the whole webcam thing is apparently looked down upon o.o"

With that said, I believe there is a way to do quality off screen shots that can be considered acceptable but low-resolution webcams will always be a point of contention. None of my current runs submitted or accepted are utilizing this method I'm talking about but I believe I will be able to demonstrate in the coming days. It's actually a pretty standard way to resolve a common problem with off-screen video shots so I'm not sure why more people aren't utilizing it. More later . . .

"As far as I know the 3DS vc is true emulation. The only arrangement that is explicitly banned is Super Gameboy for the SNES since the framerate is faster (1.02x)"

This is correct but in case someone is a bit more uninitiated here I do want to mention the Super Game Boy 2, which saw an exclusive release in Japan (if I'm not mistaken), does run properly and is superior anyways due to it having 2nd Generation Video Link Cable support. SGB2 does show up as an acceptable platform when submitting a run so it's not like this information was omitted. I'm just surprised at how many people are unaware of the Super Game Boy 2 and thought it was worth explaining further in case that was true for someone else visiting here also.


Some comments from me on those topics:

3DSVC is 100% software emulation, optimized for fluid display on the 3DS - i.e. not optimized for accuracy to the original release platform(s). My own testing has shown that 3DSVC runs original GB games at around 100.17% speed - which is significant enough to warrant a time conversion, especially since there are accurate emulators out there that don't have that issue. Please note that the analysis only focuses on bare clockspeed and not on differences in loading times or lag.

Pointing a camera at a handheld screen is generally acceptable as long as the gameplay can be seen well enough. It's obviously a suboptimal solution, seeing how many alternatives there are out there, but it's better than nothing.

SGB2 is - along with the Game Boy Player for Nintendo GameCube - the established standard for GB speedrunning. In the casual community it might very well be fairly unknown, simply because accuracy and comparability is not a crucial factor. However, in the GB speedrunning community this is (mostly) common knowledge. ;-)

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I think you underestimate how many new people check in. The GB speed gaming community might mostly know this information but if it's not front and center for newcomers, especially in communities that don't answer questions quickly or at all like you guy do and there are a lot of those communities. The only reason I know the things that I do is because I know Game Boy itself. There has been a lot of stuff about speed running I had to look up to understand that I think everyone else might take for granted because they are already seeped in the culture.

It's morning and my grammar is bad. Let's just roll with it for now.


If you're (general you) streaming GB speedruns on Twitch, there's a high chance that someone from the GB speedrun community will show up in your chat in no time and point you in the right direction. It's a small community, but a very caring one that is willing to help. If you have any general questions, feel free to contact me on Discord (Oh_DeeR#2685), since that would lead this discussion off-topic.

I just joined Discord yesterday so I could be doing something wrong but I'm getting a notice that the Discord link you gave me is expired or invalid.

It will probably be a very long time before I can stream. I am due to be homeless by December 1st so I'm making a last ditch effort to save my Game Boy website and YouTube channel by launching www.PinkMouse.site to raise money for the website because it absolutely has to be finished before April if not sooner.

My first experience with speed gaming community members was through the comment section on RWhiteGoose for 007 runs and some of those people can be nasty until you slap them in the face hard enough with logic. However, the actual boards here on speedrun.com has a much better vibe which I find encouraging. One of the goals of my unreleased Game Boy (not PinkMouse) website is to demystify the experience for the uninitiated so I'm probably going to bug people all over this site on my hypothetical audience's behalf. I appreciate the willingness to not only provide info but history too.

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I'm sorry but if you're due to be homeless in half a month I don't think you should be spending your time speedrunning or starting up a website... you probably won't be able to keep it up after the donations run out, and I seriously doubt they would last more than a month or two at the most.

"I'm sorry but if you're due to be homeless in half a month I don't think you should be spending your time speedrunning or starting up a website... you probably won't be able to keep it up after the donations run out, and I seriously doubt they would last more than a month or two at the most."

Running a website is cheap and I don't think you are considering my co-branding opportunities with local businesses featuring my Game Boy Camera and Printer photo kiosk. Furthermore, I heard the exact same thing in 2008 when I wanted to start an iPhone tutorial YouTube Channel and website. Now everyone is making crap load of money making iPhone videos and I missed out because I allowed people to cut me off at the legs. The 30th Anniversary of the Game Boy is next year and I don't think you realize what kind of marketing opportunity that is. I refuse to keep myself down any longer just because someone else thinks so. I'm so much more capable than that. You don't achieve dreams or goals without taking risks.

Besides, if you haven't noticed . . . the goal of being a good employee these days isn't to provide great customer service but to pet the ego of management, break laws on their behalf and keep their secrets. I won't accept this anymore and will forge my own path so I can create my own standards.

It's also the Game Boy we are talking about. It's a portable game system. There is nothing stopping me from streaming my game footage from a coffee bar or on top of a butte. My entire business has been designed to operate on-the-go so if I end up homeless I can continue forward. Also, if I'm capable of making a website for myself then I am more than capable of making websites for other businesses and that, too, is part of the plan.

So . . . it's totally off-topic but it's totally a part of my character to go off on bunny trails but I'm going to outline the objectives of Legacy Tech Alliance, Dot Matrix Media Productions, Pink Mouse and all of my other tradenames and functions briefly. Before I do, I can tell by the context of the dialog that everyone is assuming I'm taking a traditional approach but I'm not. I am not relying on donations or crowdfunding because I've been watching that business model from the sidelines and I find it to be too unstable. That doesn't mean I won't utilize that option to augment my revenue stream but it's not my prime source as the most essential thing for any business is to diversify.

Phase One: Operation 180 Degrees This phase will see the hard launch of my Game Boy Camera and Game Boy Printer photo kiosk in celebration of it's 20th Anniversary this year. I am networking with local art studios for a Game Boy Camera show where the attendees will get photo prints that they can take to a craft station to decorate. This is highly recommended as thermal paper degrades overtime so whatever marks you make on it may be the only thing left when the image of you is gone and I find that to be a good analogy for life. I'm also looking into providing this service for nursing homes as the patients there tend to not like photographs of themselves in later stages of life. They have liver spots, they are pale and have stitches. Age spots . . . wrinkles. The Game Boy Printer produces results in black and white and in low resolution so the first digital selfie camera is turning out to be the best camera for "beauty mode" because it doesn't draw attention to anybody's bodily flaws. Greeting card services are included also with the stamp already on the envelope so it's ready to send. The older generation particularly likes the idea of mailing a photo of themselves to grandchildren and we are coming up on Christmas and Valentines Day which are very appropriate for such a service.

Phase Two: Operation Night Owl After achieving enough funding from my photo kiosk I will purchase a large supply of broken Game Boy systems (legacy, pocket, color and super) and repair them and install a backlight in most instances. Bivert mods will intentionally not be included because then the Game Boy cannot be played in sunlight. I will implement a Game Boy Travel Arcade with 2-Player Video Link Cable support and travel to different restaurants and venues to provide Game Boy rentals to entertain guests while they wait for their food. In some scenarios, the restaurant or venue are looking to purchase modified Game Boy systems with backlights so they can continue to provide the Game Boy arcade even when I am not present. Since there is no bivert that means the travel arcade can function outdoors at a campground or at a park. This phase will also see me offer legacy tech repairs through a contract with various video game stores as none of them offer repair services. This will see me develop several drop-off locations for people to drop off Game Paks to have the save battery replaced, maybe a custom color shell modification, speaker replacement . . . whatever is needed.

Phase Three: Operation Algorythm This phase will see the release of my Game Boy website that will feature "Boss Battle Reviews" that utilize my 2-Axis review system to combat the single axis scoring system in place that many complain about that will separate subjective and objective qualities into two separate categories. I won't go any further. I will also have four websites that will be clones of each other except that they will look like a Legacy Game Boy, Super Game Boy, Game Boy Pocket and Game Boy Color via a skeuomorphic design. The reason for this is that one Game Pak can look completely different and sometimes behave differently in different systems so I want to use iconography to show which button combination is used at the bios to change to a default color scheme you may see on a Game Boy Color game. I'll also utilize iconography to highlight Game Pak Gimmicks, Battery Save, Printer Support and the like. As such, anytime you are looking at a Game Boy game and you click the screenshot for a different Game Boy system, you will be warped to that website's representation for that game system and all screenshots and videos will be displayed like it would be on that specific Game Boy system. Information on Game Boy is scattered all over the Internet and some of that information is flat out wrong. For a community that vocalizes itself on historical preservation I am seeing a lot of people not meeting that status-quo for Game Boy and since I've been saturated in that culture from the start I see myself as a good candidate to fix this problem. This is particularly true when it comes to YouTube personalities. They seem to get the details wrong the most although there are some exceptions. I also want to provide speedrunning resources on the website as I just started realizing how good I was at the Game Boy family of games as I'm particularly indoctrinated into that system. The site would fund itself with advertising partners but I even want to do that differently as I find most YouTube ads too heavy handed or jarring and the same can be said for websites where ads standout like sore thumbs and degrade the user experience on the website instead of complimenting the experience.

Phase Four: It's a secret to everybody.

Oh! Plus I'm going to be a distributor of Game Boy Printer paper since it's so difficult to find rolls that aren't expired as thermal paper goes bad. After I get done screwing around online I gotta go to work in spooling said paper.