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2 years ago
Merseyside, England

There’s no way that scores made on Level 0 Height 0 should be competing with scores made on Level 9 Height 5... they are never going to be comparable and it’s completely baffling to me that they are on the same high score chart. There should be separate categories by Level/Height (but limited to only a selection of the available variables). Can a moderator update the categories and split the scores appropriately?

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Originally this board was just 40 lines. In which case, I think a single category made sense. The different speeds are all available and you go as fast as you can at the highest speed you can currently do; like any any% speedrun.

That being said, I think the standard that most Tetris boards does would work here. 40 lines: any speed, any height. 40 lines, 0 start: speed 0, any height.

However, this brings up the issue of sorting existing runs.

This board accepts images in place of videos. And the high score screen does not show the level/height the game was done on. So assumptions would have to be made for many runs ( example: We can assume this was done on 9/4, but it's not a guarantee that it was), and for the rest we just would not know (example:

The cleanest solution if you did want to add a new category, would probably be to add a "40 lines, level 0" and move all -known- level 0 runs there, while leaving all other runs in the normal 40 lines.

Just my 2 cents.

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Victoria, Australia

Why should there be a new category? A height 0 category is literally just height 4/5 but slower for no reason. Having only 1 category gives real incentive to play at more dangerous heights.

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Merseyside, England

Having a Level 0/Height 0 scoreboard allows for some inventive high score chasing where you could stack as many tetrominoes up to the top as possible to allow for quicker placing of pieces vs trying to clear the tetromino as Tetris as quickly as possible etc. I think it would be interesting to have a separate scoreboard for it.

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Victoria, Australia

Stacking tetrominoes to clear lines at the top is just starting with 4 or 5 height but with a lot more RNG

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