New category idea, build%
2 months ago


In every game, usually speedruns are about killing/destroying. But Terraria is also about building. So I though, building something would be a refreshing and interesting type of category.

The closest I can recall is house% in Minecraft, but I think there are a lot more interesting things.

The hard part is finding and standardising buildings for runs.

Some of my ideas;

  • pyramid or some kind of cultist building

  • house in every biome%

  • castle/mansion with specific furniture,etc

  • functioning real life house(electricity, bathrooms,etc)

So the runs would include collecting specific blocks, the building itself and usually some bossfights.

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While this is an interesting concept, i do not see it being a category that is ran as more than just a novelty category that would just clutter the leaderboard, so we will likely not be adding this category

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