-Discord Server for Tenchu Z Speedrunning-

Discord server for The Tenchu Z Speedrunning Resource. Open to anyone who runs or is interested in running Tenchu Z (external link)

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-The Tenchu Z Speedrunning Resource-

The Tenchu Z Speedrunning Resource is an online knowledge base designed to aid speedrunners, fledgling and veteran alike, increase their knowledge of the game and achieve quicker run times. From the basic mechanics to the most advanced strats known, TZSR facilitates the archival, convenient study, and further development of it all in a variety of media forms. You will find route guides, images and video of strategies, and an Index of fellow runners on the Tenchu Z Speedrunning Resource. (external link)

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Any% HN5 Speedrun Route

The current route for the Any%HN5 category including video examples. (external link)

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Mission 45 Bomb Patterns Tool

A reworked tool showing the route for all eight bomb patterns possible in Mission 45. Displays a route flowchart, a map with route overlay, route notes, and the best known time for each pattern. Can easily switch between each route with left/right arrow keys or a dropdown menu. (external link)

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TZSR Attempt Tracker

An Attempt Tracker useful for tracking your success percentage when practicing levels or tricks. Enter the level/trick name, then simply click on either the Success or Failure button based on the result of your attempt. The Ratio and Percentage will update each time a new input is entered. Each individual input is also displayed underneath the Tracker. An Undo button allows the user to rectify any mistaken inputs. (external link)

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TZSR YouTube Channel

The official YouTube channel for The Tenchu Z Speedrunning Resource. Uploads consist of tutorials for routes and techniques as well as new/potential strats. (external link)

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27:43 by DohX_Jin

An LSS of Jin's current record submitted by Ondrej (external link)